CBSE Board Class 12 Functional English Previous Year Question Papers 2005

CBSE Board Previous Year Question Papers 2005 for Class 12 Functional English

Previous Paper-2005
Class XII
(Code No. 101)
Q.1. Read the passage given below and answers the questions that follow: 8 marks
Spiders are noted for web building, yet many kinds never use their talents in this way. Instead of
building silken traps they hunt their prey, stalking and leaping on their victims or hiding or pouncing
on them.
Webs vary in style from the irregular cobweb that neat housewives constantly dust away, to the
beautiful silken orbs that we so often find in a garden. There are four general types besides the
irregular mesh and the orb, we find the funnel webs and the sheet webs. Until they reach full growth
male as well as female spiders spin silk and construct webs. However after their last molt the males
no longer engage in spinning but often linger on or near the webs of their mates.
Messy as an irregular mesh web may appear, it is nevertheless built on a definite plan and is very
efficient. The central maze is a widespread trap. Within this maybe a densely woven sheet,
combining such materials such as leaves and grains of sand with the silk thus serving as a shelter
for the little builder. Anchoring the maze firmly to supports are long lines, which have small knobs
of sticky silk near their base. When a small insect brushes against a sticky line it is snared and as
it struggles the line breaks and tethers the victim. The common house spider and other members
of the family prepare webs of this type.
The sheet web has been developed on a platform like plan, with the webbing closely woven on a
horizontal plane. A ‘platform’ results and on this insects jump, fly or drop, often being stopped in
their flight by lines which the spider has crisscrossed above the platform. After building the platform
or sheet, the spider clings to its underside. At times it constructs another sheet below so that it is
sandwiched between two silken barriers. When victims land on the top sheet it pulls them through
the silk. Sheet webs are built to last a long time.
Even more permanent than these sheet webs is the handiwork of the funnel web spiders. Outside
the retreat in which it lives, a member of this family starts to spin its webbing until a smooth runway
is created. If this is on the ground it suggests a sheet and if suspended from vegetation, a tiny
hammock. In any case it looks like a good landing field to insects. However after alighting they find
themselves bogged down in a soft trap, and the spinner, which has been waiting at the mouth of
its funnel retreat, quickly attacks them. As one of these spiders grows to adulthood, and as long
as it remains active, it continues to add to its structure. Gradually a thin small mesh becomes a large
thick blanket. In Autumn these webs are at their peak, and especially when covered with dew,48
maybe seen spreading over acres of grasslands like dainty fairy woven carpeting.
(490 words)
a) On the basis of your reading of the above passage make notes on it using headings
and sub-headings. Use recognizable abbreviations wherever necessary.
b) Write a summary of the above passage in 80 words and suggest a title.
Q.2. Read the given passage carefully and answer the questions given below:
Knowing your individual distinguishing values
1. What are the five values that best describe or define who you are and what you stand for? Choose
any word or phrase to describe each value. Jot them down. Think of who you are when no one
else’s looking, how deep your roots go and how high your aspirations extend. What words first
come to your mind and how? What words would you want others to think when they think of you?
2. At first, you may be inclined to list words favored by your organization or church. Or words that
are popular. But simply by asking this question about your individual distinguishing values, you start
by what I call an internal conversation. A sorting out process begins. How deep can you get? I
doubt that productive will be one of your words. Or punctual. Or controlling. Or superior. I have
watched the surprise on the faces of people from all walks of life when completing this simple
3. Now take a moment to read the words aloud. Do they sound like a true and distinctive reflection
of who you are? If not, find other words that are closer. When you’re finished, copy these words
on a three by five card. Carry the card with you to keep assessing these values whenever you have
a spare moment here and there. Are there any other words that give a clearer glimpse into your
unique spirit and deepest commitments?
4. I remember an executive who sat in stunned silence at his table long after other members of his
group at a leadership workshop had left. When I walked over to talk with him, “I can’t believe it”,
he said.
5. “You can’t believe what?”, I asked.
“I can’t believe that a long time ago I lost these values. I climbed all the way to the top of this
organization and my value words today- the ones that ring true in my heart - have nothing at all
to do with what we do in this organization or the official value words we post on the wall for our
employees. On the surface everything feels fine, but I don’t fit in. No wonder it has been such a
strain for me to be here”.
6. Within a year he changed jobs and moved with his family from a major city, big house and large
income to a small place in the countryside that is miles from the nearest town. He recently returned
from doing humanitarian aid work in eastern Europe. He’s designing a one-of-a-kind business
school course based on what he learnt. He’s happier than he’s felt in a long time. People ask49
whether they should specify current or future values. My answer is it doesn’t matter. The simple
exercise is designed to spark a direct and soul searching dialogue that links your heart and mind;
the outer you talking with the inner you. If you choose words that describe you as you are now
then a voice in you will probably say, “Yes, but you could be more”. If you select words that are
inspirational -that represent more of what you wish to be than what you are today - a voice inside
you will likely say “Yes, but you will have to work hard to begin living these words”.
7. Clarity of individual values is the gateway to commitment and initiative. In one study,
researchers asked people about the connection between values and their commitment to
doing exceptional work. When group or organizational values were unclear and the person
was also unclear about his or her own values, the average commitment score was 4.9 on a
scale from 1-7. When group values were clear but the individual’s personal values were
unclear, the commitment score was fractionally lower.
8. The second highest commitment score came when individuals had clarity on personal values
but lacked clarity on group values. Here, the average commitment score was 6.12 out of 7.
Keeping the clarity high on personal values and adding clarity on group values - an alignment
with these values - the commitment score went to the highest measure of all, 6.26 out of 7.
In this vital respect, knowing your individual values matters even more than shared group
1.1 On the basis of your reading of the passage answer the questions that follow:
a) What is the first thing one must do to know oneself? 1
b) What is meant by  ‘internal conversation’? 1
c) Why is it important to list down your qualities on a card? 1
d) Why did the executive sit in stunned silence? 2
e) Why does it not make a difference if one specifies current or future values? 2
f) Why is it more important to be aware of one’s individual values? 1
1.2 Find words from the passage which mean the same as: 1×4
a) unique (para2)
b) bewildered (para4)
c) charitable (para6)
d) access (para 7) 5 marks
3 marks50
25 marks
3. The school Community Service department is organizing a 3-week Literacy Camp in the
forthcoming summer vacation for the neighbourhood slum children. Design a poster inviting
students to volunteer as student teachers. The camp will be held in the school premises and
the curriculum will include basic language skills followed by art and craft activities. You are
Rahul/Ragini, Secretary of the Community Service Club. 5 marks
Read the following information provided and write a factual description of the place referred
to. You are Sanjay/Sunita, an executive working for a travel company. (50 words)
Kerala - God’s Own Country
Capital  - Thiruvananthapuram
Languages  - Malayalam, English
Weather  - Tropical
Access  - Air, train
Festival  - Onam
Places to visit - Kovalam and backwater beaches, Munnar, Spice village, Kozhikod,
Ernakulum, Guruvayur Temple Famous for - Ayurvedic health resorts, Handicrafts and
4. You are Mahesh/Mita Bhatt, Sports Perfect, Dayalbagh Public School, Patiala. Write a letter
to Oberoi Sports Company, New Delhi placing an order for sports equipment. Please specify
name of manufacturer, brand and quantity. Remember to ask for the institutional discount.
10 marks
To reduce stress amongst school children today many vocational courses have been introduced
at the senior school level. There is also an increase in opportunities of higher education in
these courses. As a parent of a school going teenager, write a letter to the editor of a national
daily expressing your views on the issue.
5. To train our youth to compete in the International sports arena, the government needs to build
stadia and provide competent coaches in various games and sports. You are Shiven/Shahini.
Write a letter to the editor of a national daily emphasizing on the need to upgrade and expand
the existing infrastructure facilities. 10 marks
As part of the Earth Day celebrations the World Wild life Fund organized Rendezevous-2007.
Schoolchildren from different schools participated in events, which included street plays,
poster making, and quiz competitions. Leading environmentalists addressed the students on
concerns of global warming, rising pollution levels and stressed on the role of youth in51
helping to spread awareness on these issues. The celebrations were marked by enthusiasm and
concluded with a march to President House. You are Ritesh/Rahul, a reporter from the Hindustan
Times. Write a report for the newspaper covering the event.

20 marks
6) Rearrange the following sentences meaningfully to make complete sense: (5)
a) Smouldering wreckage sprayed over a one sq. km. area scorched hundreds of
tea bushes.
b) Minutes later, around 7.30 am, it reportedly plunged into a mesh of power
cables, 15 km. from the base, turned into an immense fireball and exploded.
c) A MIG 21U fighter trainer crashed in poor light in north Bengal Thursday
morning, killing both trainee pilots on board.
d) A fire tender belonging to the tea estate put out the flames.
e) The aircraft had taken off on a routine sortie from the Bagdogra base on
Thursday morning.
7) You are Gaurav/Gauri and have just appeared for the class 10
board exam. You are confused
about the subject stream you would like to opt for and discuss the issue with the school
counsellor. Using the input given below construct a dialogue between the two of you. Make

5 sets of exchanges. The first one has been done for you. (5)
• Gauri:  Goodmorning Ma’am, May I come in?
• Counsellor:  Goodmorning. Please come in.
• Need help in deciding academic stream
• Your choice?
• Parents want science, engineering
• Your ambition?
• Confused, good marks in science but not interested
• Take an aptitude test
• Help in what way
• Identify interests and strengths
• Date, venue
• School, tomorrow afternoon52

8) The following passage has 10 errors. Identify the errors in each line and write them along
with the corrections. The first one has been done for you:- 5 marks
I ignore her and leaned back against the ignore ignore ignored
a) wall, setting my bags down in the ground.
b) I watched a group of women in its early
c) twenties walk past. They are clearly
d) affluence, each dressed in a different coloured sari
e) so that iris petal, blossom pink or glossy jade
f) all shimmered together and make me blink.
g) Another women was walking just behind them
h) already adorned in a brightly yellow gold
i) necklace studded from rubies, and her
j) husband trailed miserably behind, clutched his wallet and looking dismally outwitted.

9) Holistic Healthcare is conducting a survey amongst school children on eating junk food
and the consequent rising obesity. Frame 10 questions as part of the questionnaire
based on the input given below: 5 marks
eating habits - junk food - school canteen - exercise - academic pressure - school
curriculum - fitness centers - sports facilities - health problems

35 Marks

10) Choose any one of the following extracts and answer the questions that follow:7 marks
When the Sun is bright on the upland slopes:
When the wind stirs soft through the springing grass,
And the river flows like a stream of glass,
When the first bird sings and the first bud opens,
And the faint perfume from its chalice steals—
I know what the caged bird feels!
a) Name the poem and the poet. 1
b) What is the poet describing in these lines ? 1
c) What is the significance of the  ‘first bird’  and the  ‘first bud’  ? 1
d) Identify and explain a figure of speech in the above lines. 2
e) Why does the poet empathize with the bird? 2
When she is by, I leave my work,
I love her so sincerely,
My master comes like any Turk,
And bangs me most severely—
But let him bang his bellyful,
I will bear it all for Sally,
She is the darling of my heart,
And she lives in her alley.
a) Name the poem and the poet. 1
b) What work does the narrator do? Why is his master compared to a Turk? 2
c) Explain the phrase  ‘bang his bellyful’ 1
d) What do you gather about the narrator from the above lines? 1
e) The poet calls this poem a panegyric. Do you agree? Why/ Why not? 2

11. Answer any two of the following in about 50 words each: 2 X 4 =8
a) What is the reaction of the non-combatants to the plight of the survivors?
b) In what arrested poses can one see Autumn?
c) How does the poet convey the emotionless state of the lovers in Curtain  ?

12. Attempt any one of the following questions in 80 to 100 words: 5
Alexander: Will the end be bitter ?
Queen Mother:  Yes
Alexander : Why must it be ?
Queen Mother: Because you are Alexander. Your devil will conquer you.
a) Name the play and the author. 1
b) What is meant by  ‘because you are Alexander’  ? 1
c) Which devil will conquer him? 1
d) Was the end bitter? How? 2
How far do you hold Sergeant Morris responsible for the destruction of the White family?

13. Answer any two of the following in about 50 words each; 2x4 = 8
a) What was the final advice given by the old beggar to the young boy on the
litchi tree?
b) How does Lynd change the common man’s perception of revulsion and fear
towards insects ?
c) Why does Einstein oppose the idea of specialized training in schools?

14. Answer any one of the following questions in 100 to 125 words: 7
What doubts assailed Lisa when she was leaving for war front? Did her apprehensions come
true? Why/Why not?
Though Robichon was declared an unparalleled sensation, Quinquart was awarded the palm.