CBSE Board Textbook for Fashion Studies

Fashion Studies is a new subject which is introduced by CBSE Board and thus CBSE Books For Fashion Studies provide the essential knowledge about the subject and give all the basic knowledge about the subject which is essential for student’s to understand the subject. The CBSE Board Fashion Studies Text Books information is now available on the edurite portal. It is necessary to get the knowledge about the subject and to pass the examination for the 11th and 12th standard. For scoring good marks in the examination, Study material is really important. There are many sites on internet which provides study material to the student, but quality of study material is provided only by edurite website. CBSE board puts emphasis on English Medium Education as in today world, English is very important. For the same, CBSE Board gives affiliation to the Schools who have English as there medium of Education. There are increasing numbers of CBSE affiliated school which are running in the country. CBSE board is the biggest organization for the Secondary and Senior Secondary education. Central Board of Secondary Education conducts the examination of 10th and 12th standards. CBSE Books of Fashion Studies gives the knowledge of fashion industry and mold interested students in a way so that they will make further career in fashion industry.
The Subject offered by CBSE for the students of Class 11th and 12th. Because of advancement of technology, the students prefer to get on line study and many schools are applying the same in the schools and it also saves students time. The on line books information for the subject is provided which contains all the essential topics including in the syllabus on the edurite boards website. You will also find sample papers, guess papers and marking patterns on our website. Students can get the information related to the other boards also on the same page of portal of the edurite boards.
CBSE Board Textbook for Fashion Studies by Class