CBSE Board Syllabus for Entrepreneurship

CBSE has introduced the CBSE Entrepreneurship syllabus for the student so that they will come to know about the topics they need to learn from CBSE official NCERT Books. CBSE has introduced number of combination of the subjects for commerce students like Commerce with Entrepreneur, commerce with marketing, commerce with Maths and so on CBSE had introduced this subject to promote the business in India. CBSE Syllabus for Entrepreneurship includes theoretical as well as practical course too. It is design in such a manner that the entrepreneurship skills of the students will increase. In practical part, CBSE Entrepreneurship Syllabus includes an industries visit, Market visits and report on it. It will help students to run the important prospectus of running the business. The main idea behind is to promote entrepreneurship skills in the students and to motivate them to do self business. CBSE introduced this combination for the students of class 11th and 12th.CBSE syllabus for Entrepreneurship for both the classes includes the topics like Entrepreneurship functions, concept, characteristics, process of entrepreneurship development, Entrepreneurship and human activities, Acquiring entrepreneurship values and Motivation, Introduction to market dynamics, Entrepreneurial opportunities and Enterprise creation, Enterprise planning and resourcing, Enterprise Management. CBSE Entrepreneurship Syllabus includes practical part too. It includes Survey of Market, Making survey reports, doing market research etc. CBSE also gave some guidelines for making reports which are available on our website. You will find some sample reports on our website which is completely based on CBSE Syllabus for Entrepreneurship. On our website you will also find topic wise syllabus with marks mentioning on it, so that students will know that how much marks a particular topic contains. Sample papers based on CBSE Entrepreneurship Syllabus, Reports making, CBSE Guidelines, Information about the reference books, Online Assessment of the project and Solved Question Papers is also given on our website.
CBSE Board Syllabus for Entrepreneurship by Class
  • CBSE BOARD Class 12 Syllabus for Entrepreneurship

                                                                                                       CLASS XII THEORY Unit I: Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Enterprise Creation 1. Sensing Entrepreneurial Opportunities 2. Environment Scanning 3. Market Assessment 4. Identification of Entrepreneurial Opportunities 5. Selection of a...Read More