CBSE Board Class 12 Entrepreneurship Sample Papers 2011

CBSE Board Sample Papers 2011 for Class 12 Entrepreneurship


Time allowed : 3 hours Maximum marks: 100

General Instructions:
(i) All the questions are compulsory,
(ii) Marks are indicated against each question.
(iii) Question Nos.  1 to  5 are very short answer questions carrying  1 mark each.Answer to each of these should not exceed  15 words.
(iv) Question Nos. 6 to 10 are short answer questions carrying 2 marks each. Answer to each of these should not exceed  50 words.
(v) Question Nos. 11 to 17 are short answer questions carrying 3 marks each. Answer to each of these should not exceed  75 words.
(vi) Question Nos. 18 to 21 are short answer questions carrying 4 marks each. Answer to each of these should not exceed  150  words.
(vii) Question Nos. 22 to 24 are long answer questions carrying 6 marks each. Answer to each of these should not exceed  250  words.


1. What is the result of applying knowledge, skills, competency and creativity strategically for market-orientation ? 1

2. Name the two factors that are involved in sensing opportunities. 1

3. List the two important considerations for the purchase of materials. 1

4. A company uses 300 units of an item per day and the order lead time is 5 days.What should be the level of inventory when a new order is to be placed ? 1

5. Avinash wants to open a tailoring shop in a colony. Name the suitable ‘pricing method’ for providing his services. 1

6. Why does an entrepreneur need feasibility plan ? Explain. 2

7. Why is a technical feasibility study essential ? Explain. 2

8. What is meant by ‘Innovation’ ? 2

9. Explain ‘Care to Ecology and Environment’ as a social responsibility of an entrepreneur. 2

10. An entrepreneur decides to sell his woollen garments in the month of February on discount. Name and explain the environmental factor which prompted him to take this decision. 2

11. Explain any three sources from which basic ideas emerge. 3

12. Explain the first three steps involved in the process of investigation of a feasible product. 3

13. State any three objectives of preparing a Project Report. 3

14. Explain the uses of a Project Report for:
- an entrepreneur
- government
- financial institutions 3

15. List any six problems faced by first generation entrepreneurs. 3

16. Explain the term ‘Personal Financing’. 3

17. Explain any two factors which affect the formulation of a financial plan. 3

18. Explain any four decisions which have to be taken into considerations under the head’Material Resources’. 4

19. Name and explain the concept which states that a particular volume of production of a firm neither makes a profit nor a loss. 4

20. State any four advantages of’Inventory Control’. 4

21. Differentiate between ‘Preference Shares’ and ‘Equity Shares’ on the basis of: 4
(a) Voting Right
(b) Payment of Dividend
(c) Repayment of Capital
(d) Rate of Dividend

22. Explain any six ways in which ideas can be generated. 6
Explain by giving any four points why ‘market-assessment’ is needed for an entrepreneur ?

23. What is a ‘Feasibility Plan’ ? State any four features of a feasibility plan. 6
What is meant by a ‘Project Report’ ? State any four elements of a project report.2 1 8

24. Amir wants to buy raw materials from Vineet for his toy factory. He wants that Vineet should take payment after three months. As per the prevailing practice in this industry he can make payments within six months. Name and explain the source of finance which Amir wants to use ? Also explain two other sources of finance which he can have for availing this facility. 6


Harish received an order amounting to Rs. 50,000 for supplying readymade 250 shirts within two months. He took Rs. 25,000 advance from the buyer. Name and explain the source of finance Harish is using. Also explain two other sources of finance he can avail in the same category of sources of finance.

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