CBSE Board Syllabus for English Elective

The main aim of the CBSE English Elective Syllabus is to expose the world literature to the student as well as exposing the Indian English literature. The CBSE English Elective Syllabus fully focuses on both English language and English literature so that the student does not face any difficulty while pursuing English in higher studies.
The CBSE English Elective paper consists of 100 marks. Below are the topics which are included in Syllabus.  :-
1) Reading unseen passage and poem:
a)      The unseen passage is of 400 to 500 words followed by short answer questions.
b)      To test interpretation of poem, a poem of 15 lines is given followed by short answer type questions.
2) Writing part of CBSE English Elective Syllabus includes:
a)      To write an essay of 150 to 200 words.
b)      To write a composition for example article, speech.
3) Applied grammar
a)      Error correction of words and sentences.
b)      The narration of a given input is required to change.
4) Texts for detail study
a)      Two passages will be given along with short answer type question for interpretation and comprehension.
b)      Two of three questions are needed to be answered in 100 words for global comprehension testing.
c)       Five of six questions are needed to be answered in 60 words for comprehension and interpretation testing.
5) Fiction Part of CBSE Board Syllabus for English Elective includes:
a)      One out of two questions is to be answered in about 60 words.
b)      One question is to be answered in about 100 words for testing evaluation and appreciation of characters, events and relationships.
On our website, we have also provided some sample papers, and guess papers so that students can do practice with them and understand the CBSE English Elective Syllabus in a proper way. To know the marks wise classification of above topics and syllabus, kindly visit our website.