CBSE Board English Elective Sample Papers for Class 9

Sample Paper Elective
Class – IX
Subject – English
Maximum Marks: 30       Time :1 hour
The Question Paper is divided into four sections.
Section A: Reading Comprehension            4 Marks
Section B: Writing                                             12 Marks
Section C : Grammar                                        8 Marks
Section D : Literature                                       6 Marks

General Instuctions:

1.All questions are compulsory.
2.You may attempt any section at a time.
3. All questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order.

SECTION – A (Reading)

1. Read the following poem carefully.      4
Ode to Peace
Peace…….. Peace………….. Peace………….
O Peace! Where are you? Where are you?
O Peace! You are the guardian who learns to guard the good.
You are not the soup of Chicken cooked in Olive oil
Which is served at the Geopolitical conferences.
O Peace! You are the chlorophyll of spiritual flights.
O Peace! You are not a symbol and a word……..
You are a sharp shiny signal of a bare night seeking tranquility.
You are omnipotent and powerful exposition of forgiveness.
O Peace! You are the giver of new life to sordid Soul.
Where are you? Where can I meet you?

O Peace! You are neither an oppressor nor an oppressed heart.
If I meet you, I’ll keep you chained
Lest you’ll fly away
O Peace! Take me in your arms
And envelope me with your immortal wings.

O Peace! Unfurl your sails before the storm of war.
You are not the antonym of War
But the synonym of all virtues
A combination of Love and Liberty
Plus Justice and Security.

O Peace! You do not only reconcile between enemies.
But strengthen affectionate relations among friends
O Peace! You are the main lesson of holy Prophets.
For you we can have blissful co-existence.

O Peace! Come with your conch-shells  sounding,
Dress me with a crimson mantle, grasp my hands and take me,
O Peace! I’m here to carry your banner.
O Peace! Where are you? Where can I meet you?
On the basis of your reading of the poem, pick out the correct option from the list of options in each question and write the answer in your answer sheet.

1.1. The poem expresses the poet’s insatiable thirst for ---------------------
(a) money.
(b) life.
(c) peace.

1.2. Peace learns to guard ------------------------------------------
(a) the good.
(b) the enemies.
(c) the sins.

1.3. The poet wants to keep Peace -----------------------------
(a) free.
(b) chained.
(c) open.

1.4. The expression “You are a sharp shiny signal……….” is an example of -------------
(a) alliteration.
(b) simile.
(c) pun

SECTION – B (Writing)

2. Write a bio-sketch of Edwin Lutyens on the basis of the following notes given below.(in not more than 80 words)       4

# Edwin Lutyens – born in 1871 in England
# Father – Charles Lutyens – British Army
# No schooling – early age – weakness
# Taught by his elder brother Fred – childhood
  - good at Mathematics – drawing figures
  -   huts – walls – houses –buildings
# Trained in Architecture – at the age of 18
# Became an Architect par excellence
# Built – houses – monuments – building in England – Parliament House in India
# Died in 1944.

3. You are Sandeep or Kanika of Class IX and you have received a telegram from International Mathematics Olympiad Committee informing that you have been lucky enough to win 9th rank at international level. You feel excited to write an e-mail to your friend Mohit or Karishma sharing your happiness with him or her as well as telling him or her how you prepared for this examination. Write this e-mail in not more than `120
words. The format of the e-mail is given below.     8

Date :   -------------------------------------------------------------------------
From :   -------------------------------------------------------------------------
To :   -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Subject :  -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dear Sir / XYZ

Regards / Love



4. In the passage given below, one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after it in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. Ensure that the word that forms your answer is underlined.           4
The television has always very controversial.    e.g. always been very
While the positive aspects the electronic (a)
media innumerable, their negative (b)
impact children cannot be denied.(c)
For new piece of information that (d)
a child learns the Discovery or National (e)
Geographic channel, are also (f)
unrealistic stunt shows parents dislike.(g)
Computers and TV have students to lose (h)
interest in studies.

5. Complete the headlines by choosing the correct answer from the options  4
Clashes between two warring groups ------------------------ 20 people at Nandigram in West Bengal.

The cluster meeting as part of training programme for teachers ------------------- to next month, an official statement said here on Friday.

The Prime Minister ------------------------------ surgery at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences on Saturday. 

Violating the ceasefire yet again, Pakistani troops --------------------------- at a forward border, drawing retaliation from BSF troops.

(a) (i) kills (ii) killed (iii) killing (iv) will kill
(b) (i) postponed (ii) was postponed (iii) will be postponed  (iv) is postponed
(c) (i) undergoes (ii) undergoing  (iii) underwent  (iv) will undergo
(d) (i) fires  (ii) fired  (iii) will fire  (iv) firing

SECTION – D (Literature)

6. Answer any three of the following questions in about 30 – 40 words.  6
(a) Why was Private Quelch nicknamed ‘Professor’? Was the epithet apt?
(b) What was the Professor’s ambition in the army?
(c) Bring out the comparison between the world and the stage as stated by William Shakespeare in the poem ‘The Seven Ages’
(d) How does William Shakespeare perceive a man in the sixth stage of his life?

CBSE Board English Elective Sample Papers for Class 9 by Year