CBSE Board Syllabus for English Core

On our Edurite website students can find the syllabus of all the subjects. About the subject English, CBSE Board Syllabus for English Core includes both the reading and writing skill so to improve both the skills of the students.. The CBSE English Core Syllabus includes the following topics:
Section A: Reading skills: includes reading unseen passages and note making having weightage of twenty marks.
1. Two unseen passages with a variety of questions including three marks.
a) Factual passages
b) Discursive passages
c) Literacy passages
2. A passage to test reading comprehension having twelve marks weightage and word length is between six to seven hundreds.
3. A Short passage of words between three hundred to five hundred for note making and abstraction.
Section 2 of CBSE Board Syllabus for English Core: Advanced writing skill: includes the following topics having total weightage is of thirty five marks.
1. Two short compositions under fifty words
2. A description that is based on the verbal input given in the problem.
3. Based on verbal input writing of letter including different types of letters
4. One compositions out of two
Section 3: Text books: This has the weightage of forty five marks. The suggested books for CBSE English Core Syllabus are
1. From the two extracts one is based upon the poetry
2. Four out of three questions from the poetry section to the test global comprehension of text.
3. Five short answer questions
4. Have to attend one out of two long answer type questions
VISTAS: supplementary reader
1. From the two long answer type questions one has to attend that are based on the supplementary reader
2. Four short answer type questions
The main motive of providing the CBSE English Core Syllabus on the edurite portal is to make students aware about what they need to study and also about the courses that are provided by the CBSE board. For separate syllabus for the classes can be easily found on our edurite website.
CBSE Board Syllabus for English Core by Class
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