CBSE Board Class 11 English Core Previous Year Question Papers 2011

CBSE Board Previous Year Question Papers 2011 for Class 11 English Core

Time :2:30 Hours                                  M.M.80
1. Read the following passage carefully:
(1) Acupuncture is a system of treatment of diseases which has been
practiced in China for nearly 5000 years. It consists in the rapid
insertion of fine steel needles about 6 centimeters long, on particular
spots on the body of the patient. After inserting the needle the doctor
twirls the needle between his thumb and forefinger. There are
hundreds of acupuncture points on the body. When a puncture is made
on a spot on the body, energy flows from there along lines known as
meridians to the diseased organs. This flow of energy helps to restore
the balance of the system and thus correct the disorder. The points of
treatment may be far from the seat of the disease. For example, to cure
a toothache, the acupuncturist may insert a needle on the palm of the
(2) Although China is considered to the country where acupuncture
originated, some forms of treatment resembling it have been reported
from other parts of the world by anthropologists. Among some ancient
tribes, stone and arrows were used to prick the skin. In another form of
treatment, the skin on particular spots of the body was burnt to effect a
cure for certain diseases. Whether these kinds of treatment can rightly
be classed with acupuncture can be known only after further research.
(3) For long acupuncture was dismissed by the west  as a form of
superstition like witchcraft and magic cure. Even in China admiration
for the western system of medicine was so great that the native
systems of treatment were neglected of mistrusted.  Moreover, the
theoretical basis for acupuncture that was propounded in China was
mixture of spirituality, philosophy and physiology. This stood in the
way of its acceptance by Chinese scientists.
(4) During the 1960’s acupuncture came to the notice of western scientist,
who viewed it with skepticism as well as curiosity. Doctors from
Europe went to China to make a first-hand study of this strange form of
treatment. They were convinced by what then saw that acupuncture
(5) Not only were diseases cured but even operations were performed after
administering an aesthesia by acupuncture. The patient of such an
operation could see and know what was being done, but felt no pain.
After the operation he could get up and walk away.  Doctors in other
parts of the world took acupuncture seriously and some of them
trained themselves and set up practice in their counties. In China itself
the status of acupuncture rose when Chairman Mao officially ranked
acupuncturists with other physicians.
(a) On the basis of your reading of the above passage make notes on it, using
recognizable symbols and abbreviations wherever necessary. Use a
format you consider suitable. Also supply a suitable title:
(b) Find words from the passage with mean the same as the following
a) turn around quickly (Para-1)
b) put forward for consideration (Para-3)
c) doubt the truth/claims of others (Para-4)

2. Vibha/Vishal Gupta see the following advertisement and decide to apply for
the post of one the two operators. As Vibha/Vishal  write a suitable letter
mentioning all your qualifications and other important particulars in
response to the ad:
We are a large diversified group with a
100 crore turnover. Wanted the following:
(A) Receptionist-cum-Telephone Operator
Convent educated, graduate, M/F, with pleasing personality and good
communication skills. Fresh graduates may also be considered
(B) Steno-cum-Computer Operator
Convent educated, graduate, M/F, should do self-correspondence.
FAX/POST : Savitri Metals Ltd. 4774/23, Ansari Road,
Darya Ganj, New Delhi-02; Fax: 37144647

3. Complete the following using clauses given in the box:
what he had been doing there
how he had spent
how to plant the seeds
where he had gone
Nitin asked Sushant (a) ________________ the holiday of Basant Panchami.
Sushant replied that he had gone to the Gandhi Maidan and enjoyed kite
flying. Sushant then asked Nitin (b) _______________ during the holiday. Nitin
told him that he had gone to his maternal uncle. Sushant inquired as to (c)
___________________. Nitin told him that his uncle had a big farm. He had enjoyed
[4himself and also learnt (d) __________.
4. Re-arrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences.
The first one has been done as an example:
Example: think / why / preferred / the / you / to land / dinosaurs / water /
(a) very / become / dinosaurs / heavy / had / the
(b) land / on / as a / could not / them / their legs / the / support.
(c) water / but / alternative / be / a / could / fine
(d) most / and / swamps / spent / rivers / they / so / their time / of / in.
Example : Why do you think the dinosaurs preferred water to land?

5. Read the following stanza and answer the questions that follow:
Was it when I found my mind was really mine,
To use whichever way I choose,
Producing thoughts that were not those of other people
By my own, and mine alone
Was that the day!
(a) What is “it” in line-1?
(b) Explain : “my mind was really mine”
(c) Complete the question raised in the last line of the stanza.

6. Answer the following questions in 30-40 words each:
(1) Why does Frank fell that Mr. Crocker-Harris is  shrivelled up on the
(2) Highlight the role of the “Bakhar” in the story The Adventure.
(3) Why does Amitar Ghosh says that the journey from the foyer of shahid’s
building to his door was like “a voyage between continents”?

7. Answer any two of the following in about 60-80 words:
(i) How are Frank and Mr. Crocker-Harris, the two teachers, different from
each other in many respects?
(ii) Inspite of his impending death, Shahid’s gregariousness had no limit.
(iii) Where was the thousandth address of Prof. Gaitonde delivered? Why did
he decide never to preside at any other meeting after wards? 
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