CBSE Board Class 9 Computer Science Previous Year Question Papers 2005

CBSE Board Previous Year Question Papers 2005 for Class 9 Computer Science

previous paper 2005
Class – XI Computer Science 
  Time :-11/2 Hrs.          M.M. 40
1. All questions are compulsory 
2. There are 4 questions in this question paper. 
3. Answers should be to the point and according to given marks.   

Q1. (a)   What do you understand by workstations? It is different from normal
computer. Justify your answer.                                                                              

(b)      What is digital computer? What are the types of digital computer?     

(c)   What is the difference between second generation computer and third
generation computer?                                                                                              

(d)      What is the difference between data and process?                                 

(e)      Is PDA a softwere and hardware?                                                            

Q2. (a)     Convert the following according to :-                                                         

(i)      (AEA)16 = (?)10 

(ii)     (9567)10 = (?)8

(iii)    (723)8 = (?)10 

(iv)    (2567)10 = (?)16 

(v)      (11001100111110)2 = (?)10 

(b)      Find 1’s and 2’s complement of -353?                                                       

(c)       What will be the next value in Octal number system after 527?         

Q3. (a)  What do you think that multi programming is beneficial or not? If it is
beneficial, than what are the benefits?                                                                

(b)   What is the difference between a program and a process?                    

(c)   What are the different steps in execution of an l/o operation?              

(d)  What is the difference between compression utility and disk defragmenter?                                                   

(e)  What is DBMS? Give examples of DBMS.                                               

Q4. (a)   How does data storage in hard disk differ from that of a floppy disk?

(b)  What do you mean by Cache memory? What are its types? How much is it

(c)    What is USB ports?                                                                                 

(d)   What are the difference between dot matrix printers and laser printers?                                                     

(e)  If we want to search a file in which in its file name, there should be 5
characters and middle character “M” and its extension should start from
‘d’, what will be the command.