CBSE Board Textbook for Computer Science

These days computer is essential in most of the fields and that is why computer knowledge is compulsory for the students to get success in professional life. This is the reason CBSE Board Computer Science Text books is introduced to the students from Class 1st.  CBSE uses NCERT Books and the syllabus is made from these books only. But still there are a lot of fields that included in the subject like the knowledge of the different languages, the detailed study about the operating systems etc. All the things are included in the subject computer science.
The subject includes basically the programming. For the standard 12th, the subject includes the programming in the C++, Data structures, database and SQL, Boolean algebra and the concepts related to the communication and network concepts. The theory of the subject includes the weightage of the seventy marks in the final session examination. To get good marks in the subject practice is essential for any student as the topics which cover by CBSE in Computer Science are not so easy.
We have also given some information about the references books which are according to NCERT and which explains every topics which are in CBSE Board Computer Science Text Books. Practicing the past papers and reading from different books can helpful; to understand the topics and the subject in a easy way.  On our website, you will find some information about the pattern, Questions and marking system adopted by the CBSE Board. This will provide an idea about the examination pattern. The CBSE Computer Science Books for the standard 12th are available on the edurite portal. Details about every topic with examples are given in the CBSE Board Computer Science Text Books. The other information related to the different boards, different subjects question papers, sample papers and the text books are available on the portal.
CBSE Board Textbook for Computer Science by Class