CBSE Board Syllabus for Class 9

9th standard is the class which sets the concepts of a student for the next board class. That's why they need to prepare hard for the subjects of this class. And to find cbse class 9 syllabus students now need not to anywhere, as we are providing it on our edurite portal. The subjects that are included in this class are same as that of the earlier class but with slight more details and with a higher complexity level compared to the earlier class. syllabus for class 9th cbse is must to present with them before they start studying for their 9th class as it will give the direction in which to go i.e. the content to study for this class. Syllabus is must for any class as it is designed by the experts seated in education board of India keeping in view the IQ level of a student of that age. Moreover a syllabus like class 9 cbse syllabus is compulsory to have for an organized and disciplined study, the discipline is divided in chunks according to the IQ level of that age group in the form of classes from 1st to class 12th. And this syllabus for class 9th cbse has 5 main subjects in it to provide knowledge of different discipline and to develop the aptitude and problem-solving skills of a student.
Those who practice this cbse class 9 syllabus thoroughly, they not only scores good marks but are truly prove themselves competent for this competitive world. And are completely ready for 10th standard and they can get Science as their senior secondary subject. But this does not mean that those who are average or below average have no way to go, they also have options for them in form of Commerce and Arts stream. So, students always prepare according to your syllabus like syllabus for class 9th cbse to get good marks in the exams.



CBSE Board Syllabus for Class 9 by Subject
  • CBSE BOARD Math Syllabus for Class 9

    COURSE STRUCTURE CLASS 9 MATH One Paper Time : 3 Hours: UNITS MARKS I. NUMBER SYSTEMS 06 II. ALGEBRA 20 III. COORDINATE GEOMETRY 06 IV. GEOMETRY 22 V. MENSURATION 14 VI. STATISTICS AND PROBABILITY 12 TOTAL 80 UNIT I : NUMBER SYSTEMS 1. REAL NUMBERS  Review of representation of natural numbers, integers, rational numbers on ...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Science Syllabus for Class 9

    COURSE STRUCTURE CLASS IX  SCIENCE One Paper Time : 21/2 hours,  Marks : 60 THEORY  Unit Marks I. Food 05 II. Matter - Its nature and behaviour 15 III. Organisation in living world 13 IV. Motion, Force and Work 20 V. Our Environment 07 Unit 1 : Food Plant and animal breeding and selection for quality improvement and management ; ...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD English Core Syllabus for Class 9

    CBSE SYLLABUS FOR CLASS 9  ENGLISH SECTION A: READING 15 Marks Q 1 & 2 The reading section will have two unseen texts as shown below: Care should be taken to cover all the text types, ie discursive and literary while selecting the passages. A poem may or may not be used as one of the three texts.  Apart from a poem, prose literary texts may inc...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Social Science Syllabus for Class 9

    COURSE STRUCTURE CLASS 9 SOCIAL SCIENCE UNIT 1-History: India and the Contemporary World   Term I Sub Unit 1.1 : Events and Processes  (ANY TWO OF THE FOLLOWING) The French Revolution                                         Russian Revolution                                               Rise of Nazism                             ...Read More

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