CBSE Board Textbook for Class 9

Pre board class is the name sometimes used for standard 9th. To prepare for any class students need books, so as for class 9 so we are offering you cbse class 9 books 2013-2014 at our portal. The syllabus of class 9 includes 5 main subjects English, Hindi, Maths, Science and Social Science. Out of which Social science is divided in 5 sub-domains namely called as Geography, History, Economics, Civics/Political Science and Disaster Management. The names given to these cbse class 9 books are Kritika Bhag-1 and Kshitij Bhag-1 to the Hindi text books; English is given the name of 'Literature Reader’; Geography as 'Contemporary India-I'; History as 'India and the Contemporary World-I; Civics as 'Democratic Politics-I' and rest with the same name in the cbse textbooks for class 9. Students who practice which course thoroughly will attain an incredible knowledge. This knowledge will help him in every walk of life as now days this improved style of syllabus is focused on practically implementing the knowledge. So, students don’t just mug up things imbibe them some that you can practically implement them whenever needed. These cbse books for class 9 are designed by a panel of experts those have practiced their respective subject thoroughly since last many years and they have observed the needs of present day system. So they can bitterly select what should be compulsorily imbibed in the syllabus.
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CBSE Board Textbook for Class 9 by Subject