CBSE Board Textbook for Class 5

Class 5 of CBSE board includes NCERT syllabus. So cbse class 5 books cover the entire syllabus in a very organized and effective manner. This NCERT syllabus is framed in a view that students enjoy this learning process instead of burdening themselves so these cbse textbooks for class 5 also follow these guidelines. Class 5 students come across with new concepts everyday as that is just the starting of there fundamental education. It is thought that in this class they usually get burdened because of this extra lengthier syllabus of class 5 in comparison to what they have studied till class 4th. So it is necessary to present this syllabus of cbse books for class 5 in a very interesting way that students do not get overburdened. Maths topics like 'Time' teaches students how to watch time in the different types of clocks, Makes them aware of the different needles present in the clock for minute, second and hour. In Money topic that is covered in the cbse textbooks for class 5 kids have been taught about the different currency and make them aware about the term money and its use. Sufficient amount of example are given and the exercises given at the end of chapter includes many types of questions like Crossword, True-False, and fill in the blanks and other exercises in these cbse class 5 books.
Lets talk about EVS syllabus content, EVS stands for environment Sciences, it is their to develop scientific attitude of the student, it makes students aware about the basic needs of the human being like food, shelter and Clothes, about Plants and Animals, their functions and types etc. These Science cbse books for class 5 also cover the topics like First Aid, Natural Calamities, and Common Diseases etc. Students if you are interested in knowing more about these cbse textbooks for class 5 and the other study material that we offers you 



CBSE Board Textbook for Class 5 by Subject