CBSE Board Textbook for Class 4

Central Board of Secondary Education is the well known board of this country. It follows NCERT books which offer a well defined syllabus of all the subjects. cbse class 4 books are designed in a way so that kids do not get burdened rather their natural curiosity flourishes. Focus is to make learning a fun for them. In this view, cbse books for class 4 of Maths subject includes all the needed topics in a very fascinating way including lot and lots of activities for each topic. Doing these activities it would be fun for them; they can do them at home or while playing. But for that teachers or parents have to make them to do these activities once in their guidance. cbse textbooks for class 4 of EVS includes topics like Food, so that students can learn about the variety of eatable items that are present around them, different foods of different states etc. ; Clothes chapter teaches students the variety of dresses that are being dressed in different-2 states of this country and their names ; In Our Body chapter that is covered in this cbse class 4 books of EVS , students learns about the different parts of human body and their functions ; Plants and their surrounding chapter teaches students about the variety of plants that are their like medicinal plants, Fruits, Vegetables and Decorative plants etc. cbse textbooks for class 4 of GK, includes general knowledge of all the areas under different headings like Nature's Trail, Potpourri, SciTech, Bibliophilia which covers different areas etc.
Students can get information regarding all these subject's cbse books for class 4 and the study material for that can be obtained from our edurite portal. Study content includes sample papers that covers questions in from of diagrams where can be given, and in form of true false and fill in the blanks. These sample papers are based on the previous year question papers and the cbse class 4 books, whose information we are offering you.



CBSE Board Textbook for Class 4 by Subject