CBSE Board Syllabus for Class 12

Central Board of Secondary Education in Indian education system is an autonomous body which is responsible for conducting all class 12th exams across India. CBSE Board provide syllabus 2013 of class 12 and also responsible for conducting exams on such a large scale. It is one of the biggest education boards in India providing education across the nation and provides syllabus, text books contents to all schools affiliated to CBSE.
Class 12 is one of the most important phases of student’s life which plays an important role in deciding their future. CBSE Board provide finest of syllabus and education which further excels the career of student. CBSE Board Syllabus 2013 for Class 12 includes all the subjects and streams of class 12 including Arts, Science and Commerce.
The Major distribution of Syllabus for class 12 is:
1.    Science : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English, (Optional) Computer or Physical Education
2.    Arts : History, Political Science, Sociology, Geography and Psychology
3.    Commerce : Accounts, Economics, Business Studies and (Optional Studies) Mathematics, Computers and Physical Education

CBSE Board Syllabus for Class 12 by Subject
  • CBSE BOARD Math Syllabus for Class 12

    CBSE Class 12 Mathematics syllabus 2011 MATHEMATICS CLASS XII One Paper Three Hours Marks: 100 Units   Marks I. RELATIONS AND FUNCTIONS 10 II. ALGEBRA 13 ...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Sociology Syllabus for Class 12

                                                                               Class XII One Paper Indian Society 1. Introducing Indian Society Non evaluative 2. Demographic Structure & Indian Society 3. Social Institutions-Continuity and change 4. Market as a Social Institution 5. Pattern of Social Inequality and Exclusion 6. Challenges of...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Physics Syllabus for Class 12

    CBSE Board 12th Physics Syllabus 2013 Class XII (Theory) One Paper Unit I: Electrostatics Electric Charges; Conservation of charge, Coulomb’s law-force between two point charges, forces between multiple charges; superposition principle and continuous charge distribution. Electric field, electric field lines, electric field due to a point c...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Political Science Syllabus for Class 12

                                                                  Class XII Content Part A: Contemporary World-Politics Units 1. Cold War Era in World Politics 2. Disintegration of the 'Second World' and the Collapse of Bipolarity 3. US Dominance in World Politics 4. Alternative centres of Economic and Political Power 5. Sout...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Psychology Syllabus for Class 12

                                                            Class XII (Theory) One Theory Paper Units Marks Psychology, Self and Society I. Intelligence and Aptitude II. Self and Personality III. Human Strengths and meeting the Life Challenges IV. Psychological Disorders V. Therapeutic Approaches and counselling. VI. Attitude and ...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Accountancy Syllabus for Class 12

                                                                   CLASS XII One Paper Unit Part A : Accounting for Partnership Firms and Companies 1. Accounting for Partnership Firms - Fundamentals 2. Accounting for Partnership Firms - Reconstitution and Dissolution 3. Accounting for Share Capital 4. Accounting for Debentures Part...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Biotechnology Syllabus for Class 12

                                                                      CLASS XII (THEORY) One paper Unit V: Protein and Gene Manipulation Chapter I: Recombinant DNA Technology Introduction Tool of rDNA Technology Marketing Recombinant DNA Introduction of Recombinant DNA into Host Cells Identification of Recombinants DNA Librar...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Business Studies Syllabus for Class 12

                                                                            CLASS XII One Paper Part A : Principles and Functions of Management 1. Introduction to Management 2. Principles of Management 3. Business Environment 4. Planning 5. Organizing 6. Staffing 7. Directing 8. Controlling Part B: Business Finance and Mark...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Biology Syllabus for Class 12

    COURSE STRUCTURE CLASS 12 BIOLOGY 1.    Reproduction Reproduction in organisms: Reproduction, a characteristic feature of all organisms for continuation of species; Modes of reproduction-A sexual and sexual reproduction; Modes- Binary fission, sporulation, budding, gemmule, fragmentation; vegetative propagation in plants. Sexual re...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Computer Science Syllabus for Class 12

                                                                                                    Class XII (Theory) UNIT 1: OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING IN C++ REVIEW: C++ covered In Class -XI, Object Oriented Programming: Concept of Object Oriented Programming - Data hiding, Data encapsulation, Class and Object, Abstract class a...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Economics Syllabus for Class 12

                                                                                                       Class XII Paper 1 Units Part A : Introductory Microeconomics 1 Introduction 2. Consumer Equilibrium and Demand 3. Producer Behaviour and Supply 4. Forms of Market and Price Determination 5. Simple applications of Tools of demand and su...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD English Core Syllabus for Class 12

                                                                                                           CLASS XII One Paper Section A A. Reading Skills Reading unseen prose passages and note making Section B B. Advanced Writing Skills C. Section C (Prescribed Books) (i) Flamingo (ii) Supplementary Reader - Vistas SECTION...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD English Elective Syllabus for Class 12

                                                                                                           Class XII One Paper Units 1. Reading an unseen passage and poem 2. Writing 3. Applied Grammar 4. Texts for detailed study 5. Fiction 1. Reading an unseen passage and poem (a) One literary or discursive passage of about 500-...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Functional English Syllabus for Class 12

                                                                                                    Class XII One Paper Unit Areas of Learning 1. Advanced Reading Skills 2. Effective Writing Skills 3. Applied Grammar 4. Literature SECTION A ADVANCED READING SKILLS Two unseen passages (including poems) with a variety of q...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Entrepreneurship Syllabus for Class 12

                                                                                                       CLASS XII THEORY Unit I: Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Enterprise Creation 1. Sensing Entrepreneurial Opportunities 2. Environment Scanning 3. Market Assessment 4. Identification of Entrepreneurial Opportunities 5. Selection of a...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Geography Syllabus for Class 12

    Class XII One Theory Paper A. Fundamentals of Human Geography Unit 1: Human Geography Unit 2: People Unit 3: Human Activities Unit 4: Transport, Communication & Trade Unit 5: Human settlements Unit 6: Map Work B. India: People and Economy Unit 7: People Unit 8: Human Settlements Unit 9: Resources and Development Unit 10...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Chemistry Syllabus for Class 12

                                                                                                    Class XII (Theory) One Paper Unit No.             Title Unit I                   Solid State Unit II                  Solutions Unit III                 Electrochemistry Unit IV                 Chemical Kinetics Unit V                  Surf...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD History Syllabus for Class 12

    History Class XII Time : 3 hours Paper One Marks : 100 Units Periods(180) Marks Themes in Indian History Part-I Units 1 - 4 45 25 Themes in Indian History Part-II Units 5 - 9 55 30 Themes in Indian History Part-III Units 10 - 15 70 35 Unit 16 : Map Work 10 10 Class XII: Themes in Indian History Themes Period(45) Objectives 1. The Story of t...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Fashion Studies Syllabus for Class 12

    CLASS-XII  Unit - I: History of Fashion  15 Marks  40 Periods  Objectives of the course To give an overview of the history of fashion from ancient civilisation through the ages to the present. To emphasise on the socio-economic and political factors influencing clothing and fashion. ...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Home Science Syllabus for Class 12

    Home Science CLASS XII (THEORY) One Paper (Theory) Time: 3 Hours 70 Marks   Unit   Marks I. Know Little Children 17 II. Nutrition for Self and Family 17 II...Read More