CBSE Board Syllabus for Class 1

CBSE syllabus and ICSE syllabus are different in few aspects : Length, Syllabus presentation Pattern, examination pattern and their usage with respect to various competitive exams. Even if you compare cbse syllabus for class 1 with the icse syllabus of class 1 you can easily identify the difference. Class 1 cbse syllabus is lengthier than icse syllabus of class 1. In general, CBSE syllabus is a cumulative syllabus whereas the ICSE syllabus is designed, focusing the basic strengthening of the syllabus content.. CBSE syllabus is beneficial for those who have to take science in their higher studies whereas students those who want to go abroad for the higher studies should choose ICSE board for their studies as it gives more emphasize to English. CBSE board exams mainly asks small objective type questions whereas the ICSE board asks both objective and subjective type questions even in small classes.

Students who have studied syllabus for class 1 cbse, when get promoted to the next class would found the new topics with a cumulative introduction of the previous class topics. Whereas a student who have studied in icse board would find the complete previous class topics at the beginning of every relevant chapter. Now to choose the board at this small age is not a cup of tea of these little kids. So it is the responsibility of their parents to choose proper board for them. And along with that, to help their kids in their studies is also a job of the parents itself. When they teach their kids, the first thing they need is the cbse syllabus for class 1, then they need proper technique to make students learn the syllabus for class 1 cbse. Later they need worksheets, to let their kids and students practice the cbse syllabus for class 1 course content.
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CBSE Board Syllabus for Class 1 by Subject