CBSE Board Textbook for Chemistry

CBSE Board Chemistry Text Books have a great importance for the students who are studying in the schools that are affiliated with the CBSE board in 10th and12thstandard. CBSE Chemistry Books are essential to understand the concepts of chemistry. In class 12th, the subject has two sections chemistry one and two. The CBSE Board Chemistry Text Books includes all the topics that are provided in the syllabus like solid states, electro chemistry, surface chemistry, co ordination compounds, the nomenclatures of the compounds and the other topics. All the topics are included in the CBSE Books for Chemistry and the information about these books are provided on the portal.Chemistry is an interesting subject only when students study the subject with more concentration. A lot new concepts are included in the subject.
CBSE board is a pioneer board that conducts examinations for two standards 10th and 12th. The education of medium in the schools affiliated with the CBSE board is only English. No other medium is accepted.
Each paper of the subject includes seventy marks in the final session examination and the weightage of the units is divided according to the importance of the topic at the 12th level. CBSE board offers a number of courses at school level that are also beneficial for the further education. Chemistry is one of them. Students can make their career in the same field if they have an interest in the subject. A number of graduation and post graduation courses are there for the students as their career option. The subject provides the basic themes related to the real life. Students are advised to visit our website to get the sample papers, previous year papers, syllabus and information about the CBSE Board Chemistry Text Books and reference books which can be easily found on our edurite page.
CBSE Board Textbook for Chemistry by Class