CBSE Board Class 12 Business Studies Previous Year Question Papers 2007

CBSE Board Previous Year Question Papers 2007 for Class 12 Business Studies

                                                           BUSINESS STUDIES
Time allowed : 3 hours ]                                                                   [ Maximum marks: 100
General Instructions :
(1) Answers to questions carrying 2-3 marks should not exceed 30-40 words.
(2) Answers to questions carrying 4-5 marks should not exceed 60-80 words.
(3) Answers to questions carrying 6 marks should not exceed 100 words.
(4) Attempt all parts of a question together
(i) Please check that this question paper contains 4 printed pages.
(ii) Code number given on the right hand side of the question paper should be written on the title page of the answer-book by the candidate.
(iii) Please check that this question paper contains 25 questions.
(iv) Please write down the serial number of the question before attempting it.

1. What is meant by Supervision ?        2

2. What is meant by Marketing Management ?        2

3. Explain in brief the concept of Personal Selling.          2

4. What role does social environment play in the business ?         2

5. Mohan, a manager expects his subordinates to adapt to the new environs and working conditions without giving them time to settle down. Which principle of management is being overlooked and why ?             2

6. Write short note on ‘management as an activity’.               3

7. State any three factors that influence the effectiveness of a leader.              3

8. Distinguish between ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ communication.              3

9. Briefly explain any three Objectives of marketing management.                     3

10. State with reasons your choice of a media of advertising for selling of toys.              3

11. Differentiate between’management’and’administration’.               4

12. What is meant by ‘money market’ ? Briefly explain the concept of ‘call money’.              4

13. Define ‘delegation’ and differentiate it with ‘decentralisation’. Any three points.            4

14. With the help of suitable examples bring out any four differences between training and development.            4

15. What is meant by a ‘Primary Market’ ? Briefly explain the concept of ‘Initial Public Offer.’          4

16. What is meant by ‘Work Study’ ? Briefly explain the role of ‘Time’ and ‘Motion’ studies while setting the Standard Task. 5

17. Explain in brief the term ‘Liberalisation’. In what ways have the Indian business houses/managements responded to this change ?               5

18. What is meant by ‘controlling’ ? Briefly explain any three points of importance of controlling.           5

19. Explain the term ‘Financial Management’. Briefly explain any three of its objectives.           5

20. What is meant by the term ‘Capital Structure’ ? Briefly explain any three factors that affect the capital structure of a company.               5

21. Explain the steps involved in the process of organisation.              6
Briefly explain the considerations that need to be kept in mind while designing the organisational structure of a company.

22. What are the features of ‘Planning’ ? Explain any six.             6
Explain how does planning help reducing uncertainties ?

23. What is meant by ‘Recruitment’ ? Explain any five external sources of recruitment of employees.             6
What is meant by ‘Selection’ ? Explain any five steps involved in the process of selection of employees.

24. Briefly explain the different factors that determine the choice of channels of distribution of any product.          6
“Advertising misleads customers and increases the cost of products”. Do you agree with this statement ? Give reasons in support of your answer.

25. Explain any three ways and means of consumer protection available in India.          6
Explain any three responsibilities of the consumer to safeguard his interest.