CBSE Board Business Studies Sample Papers for Class 11

Sample Paper 
Class – XI

1.What are economic activities?

2.Name the various type of economics activities ?

3.What is business?

4.Define the term profession?

5.What do you mean employment?

6.Name three characteristics of business?

7.Give three objectives of business?

8.Give two examples of business activities?


9.Explain the various types of economic activities?

10.Define business and discuss its characteristics?

11.Distinguish between business, profession and employment?

12.Classify the business activities?

13.What is primary industry?

14.What is meant by secondary industry?

15.Describes the various types of manufacturing industries?

16.What is genetic industries?

17.Define commerce?

18.Distinguish between wholesaler trade and retail trade?

19.What do you understand by enter pot trade?

20.What are tertiary industries?

21. Name the Auxiliaries to business?

22.Define the term business and explain its different branches?

23.What do you understand by industry? Discuss the various types of industry?

24.What is meant by commerce? Explain the various function of commerce?