CBSE Board Class 11 Business Studies Previous Year Question Papers 2011

CBSE Board Previous Year Question Papers 2011 for Class 11 Business Studies

Previous Paper – 2011
Class – XI
Subject – Business  Studies

Time: 3hr        MM : 100
       General Instructions:
1.All questions are compulsory.
2.This question paper consists of 38 questions divided into four Sections A, B, C and D. Section-A consist of 10 questions of 01 3.marks each, Section -B consists of10 questions of 02 marks each,
4.Section - C consist of 10 questions 03 marks each and  Section – D  consist of 8  questions 06 marks each.
There is no overall choice.
All questions in section – A are to be answered in one word, one sentence or as per the exact requirement of the question.

SECTION A   (One marks each)

1.Code of conduct does not include_____________

2.Commerce includes _____________.

3.Limited managerial skill is the ________________ of joint Hindu family business.

4.Who issue the certificate of registration to a firm?

5.Every partner is ______________

6.A private company is related with ______________________

7.PSE’s are organization owned by ________________

8.Accepting deposit is which type of function of banks?

9.Which elements are presented in fire insurance?

10.What is the maximum limit of period of insurance for general insurance?

SECTION B (Two marks each)

11.What is Email?

12.Write full form of VSNL?

13.Why warehousing is needed?

14.What is EFT?

15.What is environment protection?

16.Who is a promoter?

17.What is meant by article of association?

18.Define debenture?

19.Explain the meaning of trade credit?

20.State the features of cottage industry?

SECTION C  (Three marks each)

21.Explain the role of small business in rural India.

22.Write four characteristics of business.

23.What is business risk? What is its nature?

24.Discuss various kinds of partnership.

25.Differentiate between company and partnership?

26.Write note on joint sector?

27.State any four principles of marine insurance.

28.Write any four benefits of internet.

29.Name the types of outsourcing services.

30.Write in brief object clause.

SECTION D  (Five marks each)

31.What do you mean by incorporation of a company? Explain its procedure.

32.Explain five advantages of GDR.

33.Discuss the problems faced by small scale industries.

34.What do you mean by internet? State its benefits.

35.Define banks. State the various types of banks.

36.State the role of MNC’s in India.

37.Write the features of departmental undertaking.

38.What do you mean by company? Describe its characteristics.

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