CBSE Board Class 11 Business Studies Previous Year Question Papers 2010

CBSE Board Previous Year Question Papers 2010 for Class 11 Business Studies

Previous Paper – 2010
Class – XI

1.What are mail services?

2.What type of Financial Services is offered by postal department?

3.What is DTH services?

4.What do you mean by VSAT service?

5.Describe telecom services?

6.What is warehousing?

7.What are cooperative warehouses?

8.What are government warehouses?

9.Name the different types of warehouses?

10.State three function of warehouses?

11.Define the term ‘warehouses’ explain the functions of warehouses?

12.Why is a warehouse necessary? Explain

13.Define E-business?

14.Define outsourcing?

15.What is customer support service?

16.Name three types of E-business?

17.State any three benefits of outsourcing?

18.What is E-business? Explain its nature and types?

19.Discuss the benefits of E-business?

20.Define ‘social responsibility of business?

21.Define business ethics?

22.What do you understand by trusteeship?

23.What is business ethics? Explain its elements.

24.Discuss the factors influencing business ethics?

25.Define promotion?

26.What is the legal status of a promoter?

27.What is a memorandum of association?

28.What is a Article of association?

29.Define minimum subscription?

30.What is a certificate of incorporation?

31.Define a promoter and discuss the sole of promoters in the formation of a company?

32.Define memorandum of association. Briefly discuss the clauses of a memorandum.

33.Define article of association and describes its contents?

34.Distinguish between memorandum of association and article of association?

35.Define business finance?