CBSE Board Business Studies Sample Papers for Class 10


Instructions for CBSE Sample Paper :

1. The question paper has 36 question in all. All Question are compulsory.
2. Question from serial No. 1 to 16 are multiple choice questions. These are to be answered by writing the correct option in your sheet.
3. Answer to question from serial number 17 to 32 carrying 3 marks may be of 50 to 70 words each.
4. Answer to question from serial number 33 to 36 carrying 4 marks may be of 150 words each.
5. Attempt all parts of question together.

Group A

Q.1 The letter through which the seller supplies relevant information about the articles enquired by the buyer is

(i) Enquiry Letter (ii) Recovery Letter
(iii) Quotation Letter (iv) Advice letter

Q.2 Which of the following statement is correct about a business enquiry letter

(i) Buyer asks information about the price of goods.
(ii) Writer of the letter does not give information about the quantity to be purchased
(iii) Seller gives information through this letter
(iv) The buyer cannot asks for sample through this letter

Q3. In a business letter if 'situation' starts as Dear Mr. Prasad then which of the following will be a correct complementary close

(i) Yours faithfully (ii) Yours very sincerely
(iii) yours sincerely (iv) Yours obediently

Q4. A letter written to the seller giving information about financial position of the buyer is

(i) Recovery letter (ii) Enquiry letter
(iii) Reference letter (iv) Order Letter

Q.5 Which of the following filling system will be suitable for a small trader receiving not more than 10 letters in a month.

(i) Wire letter (ii) Folder letter
(iii) Box letter (iv) Pegion Hole file

Q.6 Index prepared in book or register is known as

(i) Rotary index (ii) Fixed index
(iii) Bound Book index (iv) Strip index

Q.7 Method which large number of copies are obtained by using stencil and machine is

(i) Copying (ii) Photo Copying
(iii) Computer (iv) Duplicating

Q.8 A written communication which maintain goodwill and serves as evidence is a

(i) Personal letter (ii) Official letter
(iii) Business letter (iv) Religious letter

Q.9 Filing system in which letters are kept in folders with guide cards in vertical position is known as

(i) Folder filing (ii) Horizontal filing
(ii) vertical filing (iv) Arch Lever filing

Q.10 the best method of getting facsimile copy of a letter written is by

(i) Hand (ii) Press Machine
(iii) Carbon (iv) Copier

Q.11 A method of filing system useful for traveling agents is

(i) Wire filing (ii) Folder filing
(iii) Guard book filing (iv) Box index

Q.12 Bound book index and loose leaf index are different types of

(i) Visible Card index (ii) Vertical card index
(iii) Wire index (iv) Ordinary page index

Q.13 Which of the following does not relate to pigeon hole index system

(i) Folders (ii) Box
(iii) Docketing (iv) Spike

Q.14 Which of the following is the outer quality of a business letter

(i) Designation (ii) Envelope
(iii) Relevance (iv) Reference

Q.15 The body of the letter is usually divided into

(i) One Part (ii) Three Part
(iii) Two Part (iv) Four part

Q.16 A letter written by seller to buyer information him about the despatch of good is known as

(i) Reference letter (ii) Quotation letter
(iii) Order letter (iv) Advice letter

Q.17 State the meaning of business letter in your own words.

Q.18 Give any three importance of writing a business letter

Q.19 Give a format of business letter.

Q.20 Explain in brief the meaning of enclosures, copy circulation and post script.

Q.21 Complaint letters should be written immediately after receiving the defective goods. Justify the statement and give two more point to be considered while writing a complaint letter.

Q.22 You want to buy a Business Studies book written by Amrita and published by AR Publication, Hospital Road Agra (UP). Write a letter ordering your requirement.

Q.23 Explain any three inner qualities of a business letter.

Q.24 What are the points to be kept in mind while writing a letter of enquiry? (any three)

Q.25 State three purpose of indexing.

Q.26 Describe the method of preparing a copy of a letter by carbon using type writer.

Q.27 Computer is important for an office these days, Justify the statement by giving three reasons.

Q.28 Distinguish between copying and duplicating on the following points.

(1) Objective (2) No of copies (3) Machine used

Q.29 State any three objective of filling.

Q.30 Give three merits of centralised filing.

Q.31 Explain in brief loose leaf index.

Q.32 Explain the method of preparing copies through stencil duplicatior.

Q.33 Explain Heading, Reference and Body of letter as a part of business letter.

Q.34 M/s GR Fans, G Block, Sector 18 received a parcel of fans against order placed. on opening the parcel they found that 3 fans of super activity and two fans of standard are missing you are required to write the body of the complaint letter.

Q.35 Give two merits and two demerits of Horizontal filing system.

Q.36 What is vertical card index? Give any three advantages.

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