CBSE Board Syllabus for Biotechnology

CBSE officials design the CBSE Biotechnology Syllabus. Central board of secondary education is a private organization in India which conducts the examination of class 10th and 12th. The purpose of this organization is to give quality education to the students and illiterate people of India. CBSE conducts examination on vary large scale in India. The main aim of Board is to provide step by step content wise education so that the student can easily understand the subject. To make CBSE Syllabus, CBSE uses the books of NCERT (National Council for Education Research and Training). The CBSE Biotechnology syllabus is completely comes from these books. Moreover, it is very important to read the books of NCERT because it covers the whole CBSE syllabus for Biotechnology. No doubt, the students can also take help from references books. These books are based on CBSE Syllabus and you will find more information in it for a desired topic. 


The topic which covers in the CBSE Biotechnology Syllabus for both the classes 11th and 12th are Introduction to Biotechnology, Bio-molecules- Structure and Dynamics, Structure and functions of Macromolecules, Biochemical Techniques, Cell and Developments, The basic unit of life, Cell growth and development, Cellular techniques, Genetics and Molecular Biotechnology, Principle of Genetic, Genetic Functions, Genetic Techniques etc . These are the few topics which are covered in the syllabus of both class 11th and 12th. For more information about the CBSE Biotechnology syllabus, you can visit our website where you will find topic wise syllabus mentioning the class in which that topic is covered. You will also find questions based on a particular topic with the year in which that topic came.