CBSE Board Syllabus for Biology

CBSE board is continuously working for the stress free education for the students that’s why some recent changes have been taken in the CBSE Syllabus for Biology to bring a new playing field for the students. The changes have been made about CBSE in collaboration by NCERT and Council of boards of secondary education to get the new syllabus in the subject. The subjects like Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology are the backbone of major competitive examinations like AIEEE, AIPMT etc.
CBSE (central board of secondary education) board was renamed in the year 1952. Since the first education board of India was U. P board and after some changes this board was converted as central board of secondary education later. There are 8 regional offices of the CBSE board across the country which includes some metro cities and their branches.
The CBSE Board Biology Syllabus includes the following topics. These topics and their weight ages in brackets shown below-
1. Sexual reproduction has the weight ages of the marks (12).
2. Genetics and evolution have the weight ages of the marks (20).
3. Biology and human Welfare have the weight ages of the marks (12).
4. Biotechnology and its applications have the weight ages of the marks (12).
5. Ecology and Environment have the weight ages of the marks (14).
6. Ecology and environment have the weight ages of the marks (14).
Like physics and chemistry, Biology has the total number of 70 marks in the theory and 30 marks are included for the practical. The above listed topics are theory topics and total is 70 marks as the weight ages is shown in brackets. The detailed chapters in the syllabus can be downloaded from the edurite portal. The points should be focused, the information regarding other boards also available on the portal.