CBSE Board Biology Sample Papers for Class 10


1.What happens when guard cell swell with water?

2.Give a name of a plant and animal which are parasites?

3.How does mixing of food takes place in stomach ?

4.Why do herbivores animals have large smaller intestine ?

5.What is function of anal sphincter ?

6.What is the composition of bile juice ?

7.Why does the walls of trachea do not collapse ?

8.Why is carbon dioxide transported in the dissolved form in our blood ?

9.What are the functions of plasma ?

10.What is the size of the heart ?

11.Why arteries have thick walls ?

12.Why plants have less energy needs 2 Reasons ?

13.Define excretion ?

14.How can the urge to urinate be controlled ?

15.Where are the plant waste stored ?

16.Which part is called as thinking part of brain ?

17.Which part of the brain controls vomiting ?

18.Name a plant hormone which helps in wilting of leaves ?

19.Why is it advised to have iodised salt in our diet ?

20.What is feed back mechanism ?

21.How does the pathogen of Kala azar reproduce?

22.What is germination ?

23.Define puberty ?

24.Why does breasts mature in size in females?

25.What is the function of tail in the sperm ?

26.How does child birth takes place ?

27.What is a condom ?

28.What are the functions of sepals and carpel in a flower ?

29.What is genetic drift ?

30.What type of eyes does a planaria have ?

31.Explain the importance of fossils in deciding evolutionary relationships ?

32.How are evolution and classification interlinked ?

33.How did the ‘Chipko andolan’ ultimately benefit the local population ? Give any two benefits.

34 Name those parts of the flower which serve the same function as  the following do in the animals :-
(i) testis
(ii) ovary
(iii) eggs
(iv) sperms
(v) hormone vi

35 Why are the environmentalists insisting upon ‘sustainable natural resource management ’ ? Give any three reasons.

36Plant absorbs the water from the soil . How does this water reach thetree tops. Explain in detail

37Explain the process of speciation.

38 Give Reason of the following
(i) All organisms have many common features
(ii) Testes are located outside the abdominal cavity in a sac called scrotum

39. What are the functions of food that we eat?

40. Draw a neat diagram to show germination ?

41. Explain double fertilization in plants ?

42. Describe the role of AK Banerjee in the forest range of Midanpore district ?

43. Discuss three main problems associated with the construction of dams ?

44. Who are the stake holders of forests ? Discuss ?

45. What is a food web ? Draw a food web of 7 food chains ?