CBSE Board Syllabus for Accountancy

CBSE offered the CBSE Accountancy Syllabus for the students who have chosen commerce as there stream. In commerce, there are three important subjects, Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics. CBSE offered this subject for the students of class 11th and 12th. The subject accountancy is very new subject to the students that is the reason CBSE Accounts syllabus are completely based on the step by step topics of the subject so that student will understand and learn each and every concept of accountancy easily. In class 11th CBSE focuses on giving basic knowledge of the subject but later when students goes in higher class ( 12th ), they will learn the next level of Accountancy. CBSE Syllabus for Accountancy is introduced in the starting of the session with marks mentioning on each of the chapters. The course gives importance to develop the understanding about the purpose of Accountancy and how it is used in business operations. CBSE Accounts syllabus is structured in a way so that it will develop the Logical Reasoning, Analytical Skills and careful analysis. The objective behind the course is to make Accountancy familiar with the students, to develop skills for using Accountancy Equations in processing business transactions. The CBSE Accountancy syllabus includes the topics like Introduction of Accountancy, Recording of Business Transaction, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Accounts, Journal Entries, Final Adjustment, and Depreciation, Accounting for nonprofit organization, Partnership firms and Companies, Cash Flow, Share Capital, Partnership Firms, Computerized Accountancy etc.

More about CBSE Accountancy Syllabus can be found on our website. We have given complete details about the syllabus according to CBSE patterns and marking system. We have also given some practice papers, Question Banks, Solved Questions, Previous year question papers, Self Marking Sheet etc. We have given questions on the basis of the Books of NCERT. We have also given the information about the references books which are based on CBSE Accountancy Syllabus.


CBSE Board Syllabus for Accountancy by Class
  • CBSE BOARD Class 12 Syllabus for Accountancy

                                                                   CLASS XII One Paper Unit Part A : Accounting for Partnership Firms and Companies 1. Accounting for Partnership Firms - Fundamentals 2. Accounting for Partnership Firms - Reconstitution and Dissolution 3. Accounting for Share Capital 4. Accounting for Debentures Part...Read More

  • CBSE BOARD Class 11 Syllabus for Accountancy

    CLASS XI One Paper 3 Hours 100 Marks Units Periods Marks Part A : Financial Accounting-I 1. Introduction to Accounting 10 5 2. Theory Base of Accounting 14 7 3. Recording of Transactions 18 9 4. Preparation of Ledger, Trial Balance and Bank Reconciliation Statement. 18 9 5. Depreciation, Provision and Reserves 16 8 6. Accounting for Bills of Ex...Read More