CBSE Board Sample Papers for Accountancy

CBSE Board who is one of the very old organizations working in India to give quality of education to the students offers the subject Accountancy for the students of classes’ 11th and 12th standard and it is one of the main subjects of the commerce students. For doing practice of the subject, CBSE Board Sample Papers for Accountancy are available on the edurite portal. A number of CBSE Accountancy Sample Paper is listed on the page for the students to do practice. To improve the knowledge about the subject, students just need go to see the page of the edurite boards where a quality sample papers, Practice Materials, Illustrations are given for the students. The NCERT books are standard books for the courses that are provided by the board in the schools that are affiliated with the board for the students. In these NCERT books, chapters are well explained and the complete syllabus is included in these books offered by the CBSE board for different classes. Mainly, CBSE Board puts emphasis on giving conceptual knowledge to the students so that it will be beneficial for them in future also. The CBSE Sample Papers for Accountancy are based on previous year question papers, references books and NCERT books. On our website, you will also find information about the Guess Papers, Books, Reference Books, Important Questions, Tutors and all other type of information which is important for the student.
Accountancy is one of the important part for the commerce students and to understand it , study with concentration is essential. Accountancy, Economics and Business Studies are the main subjects for the commerce students. To get good marks in the subjects students are advised to visit the edurite boards page and the get all the answers of their queries related to the study material.

CBSE Board Sample Papers for Accountancy

  • CBSE Board Class 12 Sample Papers for Accountancy

    Sample Paper - 2011 Class - XII Subject – Accountancy TIME- 3.00 HRS         FULL MARKS-80       Part – A     (Partnership and Company accounts) Q1 What is the meaning of sacrificing ratio?       Give two items appearing on the credit side of capital a/c when they are fluctuating?   2 Q2 A, B, C are pa...Read More

  • CBSE Board Class 10 Sample Papers for Accountancy

    Sample Question Paper  ACCOUNTANCY  Class-X Time Allowed : 3 Hrs Maximum Marks : 80 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS : 1. The question paper has 32 questions in all. 2. All questions are compulsory. 3. Multiple Choice Questions from 1-16 are to be answered by giving the correct option in the answer sheet. 1.Discounting of the bill Dishonor...Read More

  • CBSE Board Class 11 Sample Papers for Accountancy


CBSE Board Sample Papers by Years for Accountancy