CBSE Board Physical Education Syllabus for Class 11

CBSE Board Syllabus for Class 11 Physical Education

In recent years, physical education subject has gained much recognition in the educational field. The main objective of this subject is to encourage students' participation in different kinds of sports activities. Physical education subject not only makes students physically fit but also enhances their mental health and concentration. It is included in the curriculum, prescribed by various reputed boards. Physical education includes several subjects such as Gymnastics, Table Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Skating, Tennis, Yoga, Judo, etc. The required topics of this subject include fundamental skills of  sports, related sports terminologies, specific exercise for warm-up, etc.

The CBSE board has been maintaining a standard syllabus since its inception. It provides well-evaluated and comprehensive syllabus to students of all classes. All required topics are carefully included by the subject expert in the curriculum. Additionally, the syllabus is modified from time to time in order to maintain a standard education system. Physical education subject is included in the syllabus of class 11. The detail syllabus of Physical Education is attached below.

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