Bihar Board Textbook for Class 10

Textbook is an epitome of knowledge and a reliable source of learning. It is extensively used by students, teachers and scholars to acquire information on a particular topic. Textbooks are the best instructional guides as they educate students in a better way. In textbooks, each subject matter is explained elaborately, which enhances reading, writing and learning skills of students and helps them to attain academic objectives.

By conducting extensive research, the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) has selected some important topics for class 10 that are judiciously integrated in the textbooks. All the textbooks are well-evaluated by the advisory board so as to maintain credibility.

Bihar Board Textbook for Class 10 by Subject

Bihar Board Best Sellers

In order to keep pace with technological advancement and to cope up with Bihar Board examinations, Pearson group has launched Edurite to help students by offering Books and CDs of different courses online.