Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Zoology

An edurite boards is an educational site and well recognized among the students. To have the Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Zoology students needs to visit our page of edurite boards where the detailed AP Zoology Syllabus is listed in well manner. Have a look on it before preparing for the Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Zoology. The syllabus is introduced to the students at the beginning of the session in the view that they will study according to the syllabus and will perform well in the examination. Some of the topics of AP Zoology Syllabus are mentioned below:
Zoology : Nature, basic Principles and the details of Zoology,  Man & Biosphere: Introduction including the basics, Phylum Annelida: Introduction, body wall, Locomotion, Digestive system, Respiratory system, nervous system and details about Reproductive system Locomotion and Reproduction in Protozoa: Introduction, Locomotion, Locomotion Protozoas etc. AP Zoology Syllabus also includes the topic like Animal Association: Definition and examplaes of Mutualism, Structure, life cycles, Entamoeba, Plasmodium Vivax, Taenia solium and many more. Animal organization: Introduction, definition of coelome and examples, Structure of a generalized animal cell, Animal Tissues, Phylum Arthopoda: Introduction, characteristics, Digestive system, Respiratory system, Nervous system, Economic importance of insects etc is also include in AP Zoology Syllabus.
Along with AP Zoology Syllabus, we also provide the Guess papers to the students for practice. We also provide information about the books that is needed to do preparation for exams. Knowing AP Zoology Syllabus is just not enough, Study from a quality of study materials is also very important and this material is only provided by edurite website. AP Zoology Syllabus also includes the topics like Phylum, Reptilia, Rabbit functional anatomy part 1, 2, 3, Genetics etc. To get the complete Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Zoology students need to visit the website of edurite boards. AP Zoology Syllabus is essential for the students getting education in the schools of Andhra board. So visitors to get the detail about the related sample and previous year question papers along with the text books just visit the page.
Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Zoology by Class
  • ANDHRA PRADESH BOARD Class 12 Syllabus for Zoology

    Intermediate II YEAR - ZOOLOGY UNIT – I - PHYLUM: CHORDATA (6 Periods) a) General characters and out line classification of Chordata upto classes with typical examples. b) Fishes : Distinctive features of cartilaginous and Bony fishes with typical examples. c) Amphibia : Distinctive features of Urodela, Anura and Apoda with typical examples....Read More

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