Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Math

Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Math by Class
  • ANDHRA PRADESH BOARD Class 12 Syllabus for Math


  • ANDHRA PRADESH BOARD Class 10 Syllabus for Math

    Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus  Class 10 Math ALGEBRA 1: QUADRATIC EXPRESSIONS: 10 PERIODS 1.1 Quadratic Expressions, Equations in one Variable, Ex-treme Values - Changes in sign and Magnitude - Qua-dratic Inequation. 2: THEORY OF EQUATIONS: 12 PERIODS 2.1 The relation between the roots and coefficients in an equation 2.2 Solving the equati...Read More

  • ANDHRA PRADESH BOARD Class 11 Syllabus for Math

    COURSE STRUCTURE CLASS-11 MATHS 1.Complex Numbers: Representations of complex numbers as points on a plane, Argand diagram (addition and multiplication of complex numbers Geometrically) Algebra of complex numbers. The real and the imaginary parts of complex numbers, modules and argument of conjugate of complex numbers, square root of complex n...Read More

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