Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Math

Maths is one of the toughest subject, as it is completely based on concepts and formula’s and cramming Maths won’t work in the examination hall. For the same, we have offered the Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Maths issued by the Andhra Pradesh Board for the students so that students will study in advance and will also know the topics included in the syllabus. Maths need lot of studies, Cramming up things will confuse the students during exams. For proper studies, it is important to study from the AP Maths Syllabus. It will help students to study those things which are included in syllabus and hence it will save students time which might be wasted in learning the things which are out of the course. Some of the topics which are included in Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Maths are Algebra and Probability in which students needs to study Quadratic Equations, Permutation and combination: Definition of Linear and Circular Permutation, theorems, Definition of Combinations, Binomial Theorem, Partial Fraction, Exponential and Logarithmic series In the AP Maths Syllabus probability includes study of Random Variable and Distribution. Along with that topics like Matrices:  Types of Matrices, Scalar multiple of a matrix and multiplication of matrices, Transpose of Matrix, Quadratic Expressions in one variable, Maximum and minimum values in Quadratic Equations etc.
Along with the Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Maths, we have also given sample papers which includes the different topics and topic based questions from which students can do practice and can able to understand the concepts of Mathematics. It is very important to practice in Maths as more practice will clear more concepts of the Mathematics. For detailed Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Maths, visitors are advised to go to our website, where they will find class wise syllabus of the Maths which can also be downloaded.
Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Math by Class
  • ANDHRA PRADESH BOARD Class 12 Syllabus for Math

    course structure class-12 math ALGEBRA, PROBABILITY: (125 Periods) 1) Quadratic Expressions 10 Periods 2) Theory of Equations 12 Periods 3) Matrices 24 Periods 4) Permutations and Combinations 18 Periods 5) Binomial Theorem 16 Periods 6) Partial fractions 6 Periods 7) Exponential and Logarithemic series 6 Periods PROBABILITY: 8) Probab...Read More

  • ANDHRA PRADESH BOARD Class 10 Syllabus for Math

    Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus  Class 10 Math ALGEBRA 1: QUADRATIC EXPRESSIONS: 10 PERIODS 1.1 Quadratic Expressions, Equations in one Variable, Ex-treme Values - Changes in sign and Magnitude - Qua-dratic Inequation. 2: THEORY OF EQUATIONS: 12 PERIODS 2.1 The relation between the roots and coefficients in an equation 2.2 Solving the equati...Read More

  • ANDHRA PRADESH BOARD Class 11 Syllabus for Math

    COURSE STRUCTURE CLASS-11 MATHS 1.Complex Numbers: Representations of complex numbers as points on a plane, Argand diagram (addition and multiplication of complex numbers Geometrically) Algebra of complex numbers. The real and the imaginary parts of complex numbers, modules and argument of conjugate of complex numbers, square root of complex n...Read More

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