Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for History

Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for History by Class
  • ANDHRA PRADESH BOARD Class 12 Syllabus for History

    UNIT-I Geographical Discoveries Factors leading to the Geographical Discoveries – Explorations of Portuguese Navigators - Colombus Discovers the New continent - Conflicting claims lead to wars – Results of Geographical Discoveries – Other Results. UNIT-II The Renaissance in Europe Factors for the Growth of Renaissance - Renaissance ...Read More

  • ANDHRA PRADESH BOARD Class 11 Syllabus for History

    Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus Class 11 History Unit-1 Introduction to World History (i)Pre History of the World (ii) Early Important river bank cultures of the world a)Saraswati-Indus (Harappa) Civilization b)Egyptain Civilization c)Mesopotamian Civilization d)Chinese Civilization Unit-2 a) Important Empires and ancient ...Read More

Andhra Pradesh Board Best Sellers

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