Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 10

10th class is the first class in which you have to face board. Andhra Pradesh Board Class 10 Syllabus 2013 is framed in a view to give grand momentum to the academic features of the board. As you all know board exams are not the regular exam that is conducted by the school itself rather it is organized by the State Board or Central Board, so they are designed with a tougher approach, so students have to work hard for it. Syllabus for Class 10th Andhra Pradesh Board includes the same subjects like Hindi, English, Maths, Science and Social Science. The topics covered in the 10th board syllabus are Number System, Algebra, Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, Mensuration, Statistics, Probability, Mensuration etc.
This Andhra Pradesh Board Class 10 Syllabus is framed with all possible sincere efforts to make students aware about all that they need to know till this standard. Class 10 Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus is must to follow otherwise students will loose the pace with which they have to study for the board exam. The group of experts designed this Andhra Pradesh Board Class 10 Syllabus have an experience of many years in their relevant subjects. By following this syllabus in a die hard way students will found themselves capable of doing well in their final exams. This Syllabus for Class 10th Andhra Pradesh Board is used by the schools and teachers to prepare their academic session and its curricular activities. Students saves their time by not wasting it on the topics which are not their in the syllabus when they study according to the Class 10 Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus.
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Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 10 by Subject
  • ANDHRA PRADESH BOARD Math Syllabus for Class 10

    Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus  Class 10 Math ALGEBRA 1: QUADRATIC EXPRESSIONS: 10 PERIODS 1.1 Quadratic Expressions, Equations in one Variable, Ex-treme Values - Changes in sign and Magnitude - Qua-dratic Inequation. 2: THEORY OF EQUATIONS: 12 PERIODS 2.1 The relation between the roots and coefficients in an equation 2.2 Solving the equati...Read More

  • ANDHRA PRADESH BOARD Science Syllabus for Class 10

    Course Structure Sub. - Science Class- 10th Unit 1 Rate of Chemical reaction, Chemical equilibrium and important chemical compounds. Unit 2 Light Unit 3 Electricity Unit 4 Sources of Energy Unit 5 Life processes, Digestion and respiration Unit 6 Transportation, Excretion Unit 7 Reproduction, growth, Heridity and evolution Unit 8 Metals an...Read More

  • ANDHRA PRADESH BOARD English Core Syllabus for Class 10

    SECTION A : READING ENGLISH CORE CLASS X The total of the three passages will be about 650 words. The passage will include one each of the following types: Factual passage, e.g. instruction, description, report; Discursive passage involving opinion , e.g. argumentative, persuasive or interpretative text Literary passage, e.g. extract f...Read More

  • ANDHRA PRADESH BOARD Social Science Syllabus for Class 10

    Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus Class 10 Social Science 1.India Resources :- Types of Resources : Natural resources- Soil, Formation, types and distribution, soil conservation. Forest and Wild Life - Forest types, Utility, Wild animals and their conservation Endangered animals. Agriculture - Main crops, Contribution of Agric...Read More

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