Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the important subject and conceptual subject and that is why, it is important to study the topics which are given in Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Chemistry. Students need to perform well in the examination and thus it requires a lot of studies and practice. Everything which students study should be according to AP Chemistry Syllabus. Studies from syllabus will help students to know how much syllabus they have covered and how much is still left. Chemistry is the main subject and it affects the overall percentage of the students. The basic and conceptual knowledge is important in the chemistry subject. Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Chemistry designed in such a way so that students will understand each and everything in a step by step and proper manner. Andhra Pradesh Board introduced the class on the web, an online educational portal, has recently introduced for the students of class 6th to 10th. AP Chemistry Syllabus includes the topic like Group Elements, Preparation and uses of Ammonia and super- phosphate, Oxygen and sulphur- Allotropy, Preparation and properties of Ozone and Sodium thiosulphate etc. More topics that are included in Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Chemistry are Nuclear Chemistry, Surface Chemistry, Carbon compounds, Chemistry in Biology and Medicine etc.
Chemistry includes the study of chemical reactions, chain reactions, gases, formula’s etc. Cramming the things won’t work in the subject Chemistry. It includes a deep study of the theoretical part. In Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Chemistry, the step by step topics are given in the chapters and thus it will make easy for the students to remember the things easily. Some students have a problem of forgetting the things easily specially during the examination. The things can be remember if students do practice from our sample papers. Along with AP Chemistry Syllabus, we also provide sample papers, previous year question papers for the students for practicing. Detailed Syllabus can be downloaded from our website.
Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Chemistry by Class

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