Andhra Pradesh Board Home Science Syllabus for Class 12

Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 12 Home Science

Course Structure
Home Science
Class - 12

Unit 1.
Management of time and energy : - principle of saving time and energy, importance
of energy and time. Sources of saving, time and energy.
Work Simplification - Importance, principles, work chart, work distribution.

unit 2.
Home and Family : -
Home - Definition, best house, criteria of selection.

unit 3.
Family - Definition, types and their merits and demerits contribution of family to
the society.
Concept of ideal indian home and family.
House Wife as a Consumer : Definition of consumer, Consumer education problems of
consumer, rights of consumer and responsibilities of a consumer, sources of consumer.

unit 4.
Balanced Diet : Meaning, Definition, factors effecting balanced diet good nutrition,
under nutrition. Definition of malnutrition, symptoms, causes of malnutrition. Method of
nutritonal assessment and calculations.

unit 5.
Meal planning - Importance, basic principle, meal planning according to different
physiological need:
- Pregnancy
- Lactation
- Adolescence
- Old age
- Patient's Diet.

Unit 6. Nutrition education : Concepts, causes (Need) Process (contact , distant methods )

Unit 7. Preservation of food products - Meaning, importance, principles, causes of
contamination process of food preservation (Domestics and commercial) effects of

preservation on nutrients.
Food products- cleanliness, poisoning and diseases - Handling of food products

Unit 8. (a)and cleanliness.
Food poisoning : - Natural, chemical and contamination through bacterias.
(b)Diseases caused due to contaminated food.(Causes, symptoms and ramedy)
(c)- Dysentry
- Diarrhoea.
- typhoid
- Jaundice
Textile Science - Classification of artificial fibers, its physical and chemical

Unit 9. (a)properties.
(b)Finishes of cloth - Meaning and types. Dyeing - tie and dye, Block printing.
History of ancient indian embroidary and popular emboridary (Kasida) of
different states - kantha of Bengal, chickenkari of Lucknow, phulkari of Punjab,
kasida of Kashmir, kasuti of karnataka.

Unit 10.
Washing - (a) Blueing and starch - Blueing - types and importance, Starch -
Method of preparing starch and its importance.

(b) Drycleaning - importance and methods of dry cleaning

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