Andhra Pradesh Board Home Science Syllabus for Class 11

Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 11 Home Science



1 Unit

Structure of Cell & Tissue
Tissue- Types of tissue
Bony system and Muscular system- Structure, types and functions of
bone. Joints.
Muscles - Structure, types and functions of muscles.

2 Unit

(A) Digestive System - Different organs of alimentary canal & its function.
Digestion & Absorption of food.

Organs involved in digestion process - Liver,Spleen, Pancreas.
(B) Excretory system- structure and functions of kindney and skin
composition of urine.

3 Unit

Personal hygiene -Factor effecting health Exercise, Posture, Yogasan
(Tadasan, Padhastasan, Makrasan, Bhujangasan, Vajrasan, Katichakrasan,
Shashakasan) Food, Rest, Entertainment, Sleep.

4 Unit

First-Aid- Aims & Principles of first-aid. Area of First-aid
Bandages:- Types and aims of bandages. General information about
tourniquette, & splint.
Foamation - Hot & cold foamation
General domestic accidents and its treatment.
entrance of foreign body in eye, ear, nose and its treatment.
Fracture - types of fracture & its treatment. Wounds - types & treatment.

5 Unit

(A) Water - Composition of water, Sources & functions of water, Hard
water, soft water, causes of contamination of water, methods of
water purification
(B) Air - Composition of air, causes of air
Ventilation - Artificial ventilation & natural ventilation.
(C) Diseases during childhood & immunisation- Diptheria, whooping
cough, tetanus, Measels, Diarrhoea Importance of oral rehydration

6 Unit

Fundamental of child behaviour :- Heredity and environment. Factor
effecting environment and its effect on child development.

7 Unit

(A) Physical & Mental Development of child.
(B) Language development of child - Factors influencing, speech defects of
child :-
(C) Character Developments of child :-

8 Unit

Social Development of child :- Factors effecting child development, Role of
family member's in social development of the child.

9 Unit

Maternal infantile mortality & welfare centres. Meaning of maternal
infantile mortality. Causes Prevention:-State level and National level
organisation related to Infant welfare. ICDS, Mother child welfare centre.

10 Unit

(A) Child labour :- Causes of child labour and its effect wayouts of finishing
child labour completely.
(B) Physically Handicapped - Defect in bone, blind, Deaf & Dumb,
Mentallyretarted. To determine the I.Q. level of children in different
age group.

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