Andhra Pradesh Board English Core Syllabus for Class 10

Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 10 English Core


The total of the three passages will be about 650 words. The passage will include one each of the following types:
Factual passage, e.g. instruction, description, report; Discursive passage involving opinion , e.g. argumentative, persuasive or interpretative text
Literary passage, e.g. extract from fiction, drama, poetry essay or biography. In the case of a poetry, extract the text may be shorter than 150 words.

Four writing tasks as indicated below:
54 Periods

A linguistically controlled task, where a student builds up a composition with guidance;

Short composition of not more than 50 words, e.g. a note or notice, message, telegram, short post card;

Composition based on a verbal and / or visual stimulus such as an advertisement;
notice, newspaper cutting, table, diary extracts, notes, letter or other forms of correspondence;
10 marks

Composition based on a verbal and / or visual stimulus such as a diagram, picture, graph, map, cartoon, or flowchart.

One of the longer (10 marks) Compositions will draw on the thematic content of the Main Course Book..
At least one task will invlove the production of a form of correspondence, e.g. a letter, postcard, note or notice.
One task will involve the production of discursive text in which the student is required to express his/her point of view on the topic given.

15 Marks
27 Periods
A variety of short questions involving the use of particular structures within a context (i.e. not in isolated sentences). Test types will include, for example , cloze (gap filling exercise with blanks at regular interval), sentences-completion, sentence-reordering, editing, dialogue- completion and sentence transformation. The grammar syllabus will be sampled each year, with marks allotted for different areas of the content of the syllabus prescribed for class IX as well as X as detailed below:

By the end of the course students should be able to use the following accurately and
appropriately in context.

1.Verb forms
Present / Past forms
Simple / Continuous forms
Perfect forms
Future time reference
Active and Passive voice Subject Verb agreement Non finite verb forms (infinitive and participles)

2.Sentence Strucuture
Types of Sentences : affirmative / interrogative sentences,
negation exclamations.
types of phrases and clauses:
finite and non- finite clauses.
noun clauses and phrases,
adjective clauses and phrases adverb clauses and phrases Indirect Speech Comparison Nominalisation Other Areas



Two extracts from different poems from the prescribed readers, each followed by two or three questions to test local and global
comprehension of the set text. Each extract will carry four marks

One or two questions based on one of the drama texts from the prescribed reader to test local and global comprehension of the
set text. An extract may or may not be used. 

One question based on one of the prose texts from the prescribed reader to test global comprhension and extrapolation beyond the set text.

One extended question based on one of the prose texts from the prescribed reader to test global comprehension and extrapolation beyond the set text.

Questions will test comprehension at different levels: literal inferential and evaluative. At the end of class X the Board's three hour examination will test reading and writing skills  specified in the teaching / testing objectives together with representative samples of the literature and grammar objectives. The structure of the class X examination paper will
be in accordance with the sample paper given in Grammar Work Book. 

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