Andhra Pradesh Board Economics Syllabus for Class 11

Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 11 Economics

Unit-1 Concepts of Economics :

Ancient Indian and Western economic thinkings Disfference in both;
Definitions - Adam Smith, Marshall, Robbins, Kautilya, Chankaya, J.K. Mehta.
and M.G. Bokre.

Nature - Art, Science or both, Divisions of Economics and their relation,
Importance, Limitations. Wants :- Meaning, Characteristics, classification,
necessaries, comforts, luxuries; Factors affecting classification.

Unit-2 Utility and related laws :

Utility - Meaning, definition, types and its measurement, Law of Diminishing
Marginal utility - Explanation, Assumption, exceptions and

importance. Law of Equi-marginal utility - explainatian, assumptions and
importance; Consumer's surplus - meaning, definition, explanation,
importance and criticisms.

Unit-3 Consumer behaviours and demand :

Consumer equlibrium - Utility maximisation (Single commodity analysis),
Demand - Individual and market demand, factors determining demand, Law
of demand, Demand schedule and Demand curve; Change in demand.Shifit
and change on demand curve.

Price elasticity of demand :- meaning, measurment - percentage, total
expenditure and geometric methods.

Unit-4 Production :

Meaning, definition, factors of production, Law of Diminishing marinal returns
- meaing, definition, explaination with diagram and importance; Returns to
factor and returns to scale.
Division of Labour, mobility of Labour and efficiency of labour- meaning,
definition, merits and effecting factors.

Unit-5 Production function and supply :

Cost of Production - total, average, marginal, fixed and variable cost; Revenue-
total, average and marginal; Price; firm's equilibrium.

Unit-6 Price determination :

Price Determination, Perfect competition, Price equilibrium and effect of
changes in demand and supply.

Unit-7 Economy - general introduction :

Meaning, definition, Types, Central problems of economy and their solutions
(what to produce, how to produce and for whom to produce?). Production
possibility curve and opportunity cost.

Unit-8 Economic growth and development :

Economic growth - Meaning defination, economic developement, sustainable
development, indicators of development, Percapita income, Quality of
life index (Basic idea)

Unit-9 Indian Economy (1947) :

Structure of the Indian Economy at the time of independence - occupa
tinal structure, Relative contribution of sectors (agriculture, industries
and service sector) to National income, infranstructure Economic (en
ergy, transport and communication) and Social (education, health and

Unit-10 Indian Economy (1947-1991) :

Development strategies till - 1991 :- Economic planning - meaning, main
objectives, main features of economic policies; main achievements and fail
ures. (General introductory Basic idea).

Unit-11 Indian Economy (After 1991) :

Economic Reforms since 1991- need and main features, liberalisation
globalisation and privatisation.

Unit-12 Population and other Problems :

Importance of population, Theories of population - Malthusian and
Optimum Theory of Population.Difference in both, problems of population,
poverty, Rural Developement and unenployment in india (with special
reference to M.P.)

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