Andhra Pradesh Board Business Studies Syllabus for Class 11

Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 11 Business Studies

Unit-1 Business : Nature and Purpose:-

Business - Concept and characteristics; Business, profession and
employment- distinctive features; Economic and Social objectives of
Business; Business Risks - nature and causes; Role of profits in

Unit-2 Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics :

Social Responsibility - Concept, Responsibilty towards different interested
groups - owners, investors, employees, consumers, government, Community
and public in genral; Business and Environmental Protection; Business Ethics
- Concept and Elements.

Unit-3 Structure of Business :
07 Mark
Classification of Business activities-industry and commerce; Types - primary,
secondary and tertiary; Trade - Types; E-commerce: meaning, utility, resources
required for successful e-commerce implementation; security and safety of
business transactions; Outsourcing of Services : nature, need and types,
financial services, advertising, courier services, Customer-Support Services.

Unit-4 Service Sector and Business :
08 Mark
Banking, Finance and Insurance; Nature and types of Financial Services;
Types of Banks, Functions of Commercial Banks; ATM, Tele-Banking, E -
Banking; Insurance - principles, types-life, general, fire, marine and health
Communication - Postal and Telecom; Recent trends in modes of
Communication; meaning and uses of fax, internet and e-mail;
Warehousing-types and functions.
Unit-5 Forms and Formation of Business Enterprises :
12 Mark
Sole Trade, Joint Hindu Family Business, Partnership - formation, deed- main
clauses, registration, Co-operative Societies; Company - public and private
- meaning, features, merits and limitation; Choice of form of business
enterprises; Factors to be considered for starting a business; importance of
small business enterprises.

Unit-6 Sectoral organization of Business :
07 Mark
Private and Public Sector-meaning and importance; Forms of Organ-
izing public sector enterprises- departmental, corporation and
government company; Changing role of Public Sector in Modern Age,
Joint Sector and Global Enterprises, Multinational Companies - meaning and

Unit-7 Formation of a Company :
08 Mark
Stages in formation of a company - promotion, incorporation and com-
mencement of Business; Articles, Memorandum of Association and

Unit-8 Sources of Business Finance :
14 Mark
Finance - meaning, nature and significance, Short, medium and long
term business finance and their use; Sources of finance - owners funds
and borrowed funds; meaning and characterstics of shares (preference
and equity), Debentres (secured, unsecured, convertable and inconventable)
Retained profits, Public Deposits, Trade credit, Discounting of bill, Global
Depository Receipt and American Depository Receipt; Institutional Financ-
ing - objectives and types; special financial assistance available to industries
in rural, backward and hilly area.
Unit-9 Internal Trade:
10 Mark
Meaning and Types; Wholesale-functions and services; Retail- meaning,
features, merits, limitations and type - Itinerants and Fixed Shops, Depart-
mental Stores, Multiple / Chain Shops, Mail Order Business; Franchise,
Consumers Co-operative Store, Super Bazar, Malls, Automatic Vending
Machine; Role of Chember of Commerce and Industry in promotion of internal

Unit-10 External Trade :
8 Mark
Foreign Trade - Nature, Scope, complaxities and importance, entering into
International trade (basic) Export Promotion, Export - Import Procedure
and Documents. International Trade Institutions - W T O, World Bank, IMF.
Unit-11 Office Management and Information Technology. 10 Mark
Office - meaning, importance and departments; Filing and Indexing - mean-
ing and importance, use of Telegram, STD, FAX and Computer.

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