Andhra Pradesh Board Biotechnology Syllabus for Class 12

Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 12 Biotechnology


Protein and Gene Manipulation


-Protein Structure and Engineering.

- Introduction to the world of Proteins.
- 3-D Shape of Proteins.
- Structure function relationship in Proteins.
- Purification of Proteins.
- Characterization of Proteins.
- Protein based products.
- Designing Proteins.
- Proteomics.

Chapter- II

Recombinant DNA Technology

- Introduction
- Tools of r DNA Technology.
- Making Recombinant DNA.
- DNA Library.
- Introduction of Recombinant DNA into host cell.
- Identification of recombinants.
- Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
- DNA Probes.
- Hybidization Techniques.
- DNA Sequencing.
- Site-directed mutagenesis.


Genomics and Bio informatics

- Introduction
- Genome Sequencing Projects.
- Gene Prediction and Country.
- Geneome similarity SNP's and Comparative genomics.
- Functional Genomics.
- History of Bioinformatics.
- Sequences and Homen clature.
- Information Sources.
- Analysis using Bio informatics.

Chapter-I Microbial Culture and Applicaturis-
- Introduction
- Microbial Culture Techniques.
- Measuremtn and Kinetics of Microbial Growth.
- Scale up of microbial Process.
- Isolation of microbial products.
- Strain isolation and Improvement.
- Application of microbial culture technology.
- Bioethics in microbial technology.


Plant Cell Culture and Applications

- Introduction
- Cell and Tissue Cultur Techniques.
- Application of Cell and Tissue Culture.
- Gene Transfer Methods in Plants.
- Transgenic Plant with Beneficial. Traits.
- Diagnostics in Agriculture and Molecular Breeding.
- Biothics in Plant Genetic Engineering.


Animal Cell Culture and Applications.

- Introduction
- Animal Cell Culture Techniques.
- Characterisation of Cell Lines.
- Scale up of Animal Culture.
- Process.
- Applications of Animal Cell Culture.
- Stem Cell Technology.
- Bioethics of Genetic Engineering in Animals.

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