Andhra Pradesh Board Accountancy Syllabus for Class 11

Andhra Pradesh Board Syllabus for Class 11 Accountancy


Unit-1. Introduction to Accounting

- Accounting-meaning, objectives, Accounting as source of information, internal and external users of Accounting information and their needs, advantages and limitations of Accounting, Difference between book-keeping and Accountancy.
- Qualitative characteristics of accounting information-reliability, relevance, understandability and comparability.
- Basic Accounting terms-Asset, liability, capital, expense, income, expenditure, Revenue, Debtors, Creditors, Goods, Cost, Gain, Stock, Purchase, Sales, Loss, Profit, Voucher, Discount: Cash and Trade Discount, Transaction, Drawings, Equity.

Unit-II. Theory Base of Accounting
- Accounting Concepts: Entity Money Measurement, Going concern, Accounting period, Cost concept, Dual aspect, revenue Recognition (realisation), Matching, Accrual.
- Accounting Conventions-Full Disclosure, consistency, Conservation, Materiality, Objectives.

- Accounting Standards-meaning, nature, need and list of Indian accounting standards.
- Accounting Mechanism-Single entry and double entry.
- Accounting Cycle-from recording of business transaction to preparation of trial balance and final accounts.
- Bases of Accounting-Cash Basis, Accrual Basis.

Unit-III. Recording of Business Transactions
- Voucher and Transactions: Origin of Transactions-source documents and vouchers, Preparation of voucher; Accounting equation approach meaning and analysis of transaction using Accounting Equation; Rules of debit and credit.
- Recording of transactions: Books of original entry-Journal, Special Purpose

(i) Cash Book-Simple, Cash book with Bank column and petty cash book,
(ii)Purchase Book, Sales Book, Purchase returns book, Sales returns book, Bill receivable book. Bills payable book; Ledger meaning, utility, format; posting from journal and subsidiary books; Balancing of Accounts.

Unit-IV. Trial Balance and Rectification of Errors
- Trial-Balance; meaning, Objectives, advantages and methods of preparation.
- Errors: Types of errors; errors affecting Trial Balance; errors not affecting Trial Balance.
- Detection and Rectification of errors (one sided and two sided) use of suspense account.

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